24 February 2010

Against Compulsory Vaccination

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Dr. Abdul Alim Muhammad is suggesting that everyone who is interested in the subject of vaccines and vaccinations take a look at a new book on the subject by medical researcher Kevin A. Muhammad. The book reveals some of the shocking and harmful facts about vaccines and vaccination programs worldwide. Below are pictures of the author and the book's cover. We have also included the book's prologue at the bottom of this email for your enjoyment and the website address where the book can be purchased.
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AGAINST COMPULSORY VACCINATION: “A Long Train of Abuses and Usurpations” Prologue by Julian K. Muhammad Very rarely has a book been written so thoroughly about a subject that it closes the knowledge gap and inspires the reader to action. As a former public policy analyst, it is my professional opinion that this series, Against Compulsory Vaccination (Vols. 1 & 2), should be required reading for every member of American society since all of us are impacted (and will continue to be impacted) by the devastating effects of vaccination in the United States and throughout the world. When reading this book it is apparent that Bro. Kevin A. Muhammad delved deeply into this subject matter; demonstrating an unquenchable commitment to educating people about the dangers of vaccination. Volume 2 is the culmination of years of work and commitment to challenging governments, pharmaceutical industries, medical associations, politicians and public policymakers, and educating the people of all nations about the underlining dangers of vaccination. This is definitely an honorable work on behalf of every person living, and those on their way here.The abuse of authority lodged in the 200-year history of vaccination, although substantially immoral, is not a “crime,” per se, in the realm of politics. As irrational as this might sound, it could be argued that the stoic character of the U.S. Constitution allows for both the immoral and moral to exist. The political process enables the enacted policies to flourish as long as there is no “apparent” violation of the Constitution and its sibling documents. The question now becomes what attitude dominants public policy? Is it one inclined to morality or one bent on self-interest and disdain for true public service?In this series, Bro. Kevin explains how public health was established as a government division for the purpose of mass vaccination. This makes “public policy” the life-blood of vaccination. The urgency related to vaccination calls us to action. This response cannot be reduced to mere anger, alone. Any anger generated by a desire for decency should urge us to understand the public policies that many legislators feel solely belong to them, in the confines of legislative halls.Within the past decade, congressional and state legislative halls have gradually become off limits to anyone outside of the well-connected political and corporate cliques. Laws are drafted in secrecy and seldom unveiled even when passed into law. Who should be blamed for this? Has dereliction in our civil responsibilities become pandemic, too, along with vaccine-induced diseases? Have agendas based on race, gender and sexual orientation distracted us from the constant medical abuse poured on children of all races and genders? The knowledge imparted through this series, Against Compulsory Vaccination, goes directly to why involvement in public policy is every citizen's duty. We understand the issues, and then raise a voice, a hand, or a fist to make ourselves heard and respected. This is due diligence.With this said, the United States political arena is gangrenous, almost to the extent that not much remains left to save or salvage. Enacting laws that favor corporations is status quo and seems impossible to rectify. This leaves us no choice but to transcend the senseless folly of politicians so filled with self-interest that they are ill-qualified to adequately lead, even themselves. I am reminded of the words of Jesus in Matthew 15:14: “Leave them; they are blind guides. If a blind man leads a blind man, both will fall into a pit.”We live in this pit, in the form of perpetual injustices, the deprivation of God-ordained opportunities, and immeasurable injuries to our children. This is why I especially appreciate Bro. Kevin's reference to Marc Widdowson's description of a dark age: “a melting pot when the old, corrupted and exhausted institutions of a failed society are finally broken down and destroyed. Something new and better suited to human needs can then be built in their place.” There is an atom of light in the pit. The transition into the “better suited” begins with the knowledge of the problems, and the actions that fuel them. This series, Against Compulsory Vaccination, contains what it takes to settle the 200-year old dispute about the place of vaccination in our lives. If it has no place, then why doesn't it? If casting it is a formidable undertaking, then how can it be done? The answers to both questions are found in these two volumes. Julian K. MuhammadWashington, DCPrice: $15.00232 pages, tables, referencesISBN: 978-0-9823593-0-3To order visit: http://www.kamuhammad.net

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