09 February 2010

Chem Trail Basic Information

Here is a very thoughtful and informative analysis of the chem trail phenomenon, apparently from a Chinese source. The evidence is piling up.
So why don't we hear any new reports about this? Why don't journalists write about this? Why don't politicians mention it in speeches?
What's the position of the Democrats and the Republicans
and the neo-cons or the liberals?
Why do ordinary people go about their business as though they don't see what is right above their heads?
Why don't the preachers preach about what they see right in front of their faces almost everyday?
Where are the outraged parents who are concerned for their children?
What do the school teachers have to say and medical establishment?
Where are the environmentalists who claim they want to save the planet?
Where the hell is Al Gore? For completeness sake, Where the hell are you?
Is everybody drugged? How to you explain such pervasive apathy and silence? How can we tolerate not knowing what is being done to us? Who is going to explain all this to us and who is going to save us from whatever this is?
Tons of questions. No answers.

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Nadia Muhammad said...

Thank you for sharing this information. As I’m reading this information what to my mind is a study that was conducted out of Mount Sinai hospital whereas they found a total of 167 industrial compounds, pollutants as well as other chemicals in the urine and blood of nine volunteers of women and men. Interesting enough, these individuals didn’t work with any of these chemicals found in their bodies nor did they have exposure to the chemicals found or at least they thought they didn’t! Check out some of the chemicals that found in the bodies of these volunteers!