06 February 2010

Deadly Third Wave Begins In US

The six pediatric patients who died this week along with the cluster of fatal cases in North Carolina on college campuses raise the specter of a deadly third wave of H1N1 Swine Flu. The 'normal' seasonal flu would expectedly begin to peak right at this time, but what is unknown is the degree to which the 'normal seasonal flu virus' is being replaced wth the mutant H1N1 swine flu virus with the deadly D225G mutation associated with deep lung fatal infections.
Do not let your guard down.
Review the flu prevention protocol in the archives of this blog.

Six H1N1 Pediatric Deaths In California Raise Concerns

Recombinomics Commentary 10:10February 05, 2010

There were 9 influenza-associated pediatric deaths: MS (1), TX (1), CO (1), CA (6)The above pediatric deaths for week 4 are in Friday’s MMWR and will be in the CDC week 4 report. The six deaths in California are striking and once again signal a high level of fatalities when there is no seasonal influenza A and reported pandemic H1N1 levels are low. In addition, the Pneumonia and Influenza deaths for week 4 will be 8.1%, virtually unchanged from the spike reported in week 3, which increased the rate to 8.2%The 9 pediatric deaths are week above the 5 year average for week 4, which is 2 deaths. These newly reported cases raise the number of confirmed pediatric deaths in the 2009/2010 season to 248. 247 of the 248 were due to pandemic H1N1. This number is well above the any report since pediatric death reports were mandatory. Last year the level broke 100, but that was due to the pandemic H1N1 deaths in the spring and summer. Deaths from seasonal flu were well below 100.The latest additions are not a surprise. Pandemic H1N1 is far more lethal to children as well as all age groups under 65, internet and media disinformation campaigns notwithstanding. The disinformation campaigns compare projections based on lab confirmed cases to US (36,000) or world (500,000) deaths created by extrapolations linked to pneumonia deaths, which lack influenza confirmaton.Moreover, recent data signal the start of wave 3, which is likely to be higher than wave 1 last spring or wave 2 in the fall. The traditional flu season peaks are in February/March and the recent H1N1 increases position wave 3 to coincide with more traditional seasonal flu trends.These recent increases raise concerns that the new wave will be more severe and deadly than earlier waves. The released sequences with D225G/N are on the rise, and in the Duke outbreak these changes were linked to fatal cases who were infected with Tamiflu resistant H1N1.Moreover, Mill Hill data on a Ukrainian isolate with D225G designated the isolate a low reactor, indicating titers with reference antisera was at least four fold lower than the reference isolate.Thus, a higher frequency of severe and fatal cases is expected in wave 3.Media Links
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Chris said...

If you’re a government conspiracy theorist, you probably shouldn’t read this post. You won’t sleep for weeks.
The National Security Agency is rumored to be working with Google in light of the cyber attacks that reportedly came from China.
Think about that for a second. Big Brother just partnered with big brother, to try and fight off communist China.
Doesn’t that make you just feel so warm and fuzzy? I know I'm feeling it. No one is publicly admitted that the NSA and Google are collaborating, but the source of the story isn’t some blogger looking for publicity, it’s The Washington Post–so there must be some smoke surrounding this alleged fire.

“The critical question is: At what level will the American public be comfortable with Google sharing information with NSA?” said Ellen McCarthy, president of the Intelligence and National Security Alliance.

While it’s unlikely that Google’s going to hand over any user information, I still don’t like how close–and how quickly–Google is snuggling up with perhaps the scariest of all government agencies. This is the same agency that tapped your phones and emails without a warrant after 9/11. We’re supposed to feel confident it won’t take a poke around Google’s sensitive data?
Don’t get me wrong, Google is of the utmost importance to the USA. We can all agree on that, right? But, I still have an uneasy feeling about it working with the NSA. Especially when it’s a relationship that even Google doesn’t want to confirm publicly!