23 February 2010

The Miracle of Milk Workshop

Happy Saviour's’ Day!
On Saturday February 27, 2010, please plan to attend
“The Miracle of Milk”
A Special Workshop hosted by
Dr. Abdul Alim Muhammad
Featured Presentations by
Patrice Muhammad PA and Karriem Muhamamad
4:00-5:30 pm in Room 400 in the Opera Room of the Rosemont Hotel
Special Invited Guests include:
Attorney Pete Kennedy of Farm to Consumer
The Atlee Family, operators of an Amish Dairy Farm
Be well informed and updated on the latest research
about the benefits of Raw Milk
, You will leave the workshop well informed and inspired!
We look forward to seeing you there.


Da Pretty Muhammad said...
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Da Pretty Muhammad said...

As Salaam Aliakum,

Praise be to Allah. I'm going to check that out. Thank you .