30 March 2012

Radiation Found in Phillie Water Supply

Philly Iodine-131 Dates Back To August

PHILADELPHIA - There is radiation in Philadelphia's drinking water, but, it turns out, it's been there for a while, and before there was even a problem in Japan with their nuclear power plants.
The Philadelphia water department says it found Iodine-131, in samples, as far back as August 2010. Those elevated readings were from samples taken at the Queen Lane Treatment Plant in East Falls.
How worried do we need to be?
Fox 29 went right to the water department for answers. The city says the water is safe to drink.
The radiation levels are so low that an infant would have to drink almost 600 liters of water to receive a radiation dose equivalent to what we already experience naturally in our environment.
Officials are now working on tracing the source of the Iodine-131.
In a statement issued on Monday, the Water Department said it was working with state and federal officials "to develop a joint action plan that will accelerate the sampling for Iodine 131 and other radiological elements in our waterways in combination with an aggressive program to track down the potential sources of Iodine 131 in the Schuylkill River Watershed."
State officials also found Iodine 131 in both the Schuylkill River and Wissahickon Creek in samples taken since the Japanese earthquake.
Philadelphia is also adding carbon to the treatment process at its Queen Lane Plant absorb contaminants in drinking water.

Life Style Determines Cancer Risk

Well wouldn't you know it- How you live has a lot to do with whether you are likely to get cancer or not! Its apparently more than just dumb luck, or a set of "bad" genes. People can exert a degree of control over what happens to them in their life time regardless of other factors at play! You can be responsible, you can take charge, you can determine your own destiny! And you thought it was out of your control...

Cancer Rates Slashed by Life Style Changes
March 29, 2012
cancerchemotube 220x137 Cancer Rates Can be Cut in Half with Lifestyle ChangesAlthough cancer cures do exists – no, not in the form of mainstream medical treatment – these cures are still perceived as non-existent by many in the mainstream health community and abroad. Along with these lesser known cures, though, comes the ability to prevent cancer from developing in the first place, which most people would not argue with. In fact, cancer rates in the U.S. and other nations could be cut in half or more with the knowledge we have today.

Cancer Rates Can be Cut in Half with Lifestyle Changes, Natural Solutions

While scientists and mainstream medical professionals call upon the abilities of mainstream medical science to lessen these cancer rates, research shows that the war against cancer using such techniques is painfully failing. Despite 10′s of millions of dollars being spent on the war on cancer each year, overall rates continue to climb, while mainstream medicine provides little benefit. What drug proponents do receive, however, is profits.
Pushed by many drug companies as the only ‘scientific’ method of combating cancer alongside chemotherapy, cancer drugs have been found to actually make cancer worse by causing tumors to ‘metasize’ aggressively and kill patients more quickly. Chemotherapy and radiation treatments are notorious for causing extreme damage to the body, and doctors know it. In fact, 3 out of 4 doctors would completely refuse chemotherapy due to its ineffectivenessaccording to polls and questionnaires. Unfortunately for those accepting this treatment, not only will it cost thousands or 10′s of thousands of dollars while failing to solve the problem, but the treatment may even cause DNA mutations extending to offspring.
Meanwhile, cancer cures are being taken advantage of by those who recognize potentialities of natural solutions. Cancer could be eradicated from the body by anything from mega-doses of intravenous vitamin C to the powerful applications of  juice fasting (Gerson therapy, etc.). Natural cancer cures with patients who have not undergone chemo or radiation has anover 80 percent cure rate, while mainstream medicine lingers around a 3-5 percent cure rate.
It is important that individuals become aware of the fact that natural solutions do in fact exist, but prevention is always a much simpler solution. So how can cancer rates be drastically slashed? Unfortunately, there are countless carcinogenic substances being used in mostconsumer products and food. Fructose is consistently being found to play a significant role in the development and spread of cancer, so fructose consumption should be greatly limited. On a consumer products note, most mainstream shampoos, deodorants, soaps, etc, containcarcinogenic ingredients such as tricolsan, triclocarbon, and titanium dioxide, to name a few.
In addition to avoiding these cancer-causing substances, begin to consume the many cancer-fighting foods at your disposal. The spice turmeric has been shown time and time again to block cancer growth, and 12 studies have shown turmeric to reduce tumors by 81 percent. Ginger, a cousin spice of turmeric, has also been revealed as a cancer fighter, shrinking prostate tumor size by 56 percent in mice. Vitamin Dthe use of natural sweeteners, and especially exercise have all been shown to help fight off cancer. Solutions to fighting and preventing cancer are available, you simply must recognize them.
In order to harness the power of prevention in these aspects, you will need to avoid those things which are causing cancer as much as you can, and consume important substances that fight against cancer regularly. To stay sane, go about the avoidance at a “good, better, best” approach — being fanatical will cause stress and subsequently compromise your health. Using organic consumer products, consuming organic foods, and filtering your tap water will greatly reduce the ingestion of cancer-causing substances.
540x80 papaya leaf extract Cancer Rates Can be Cut in Half with Lifestyle Changes
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23 March 2012

Raw Milk Victories! (article and videos)

To think that I used to think it was an exaggeration to talk of a conspiracy against good food! I didn't honestly believe that there were people in the world who wanted to ban others from eating good food. I could believe that there were some misguided ones among us who were 'junk food junkies' who didn't realize what they were doing to harm themselves. Was I ever naive! Now I know there is a concerted well organized plot to destroy good food from the planet and to enslave everyone to the corporate gollums who control the so-called 'food industry'. The deliberate withholding of good nutrition, along with toxic vaccines and environmental pollution of all kinds, is designed to reduce human capacity and potential to the point that humans will be no more then livestock bred for slaughter. But people are still people and capable enough to mount an effective battle to defend  their  inherent God-given right to have good food. Here are some of their victories recently.
Wednesday, March 21, 2012

7 Recent Victories for Raw Milk Freedom Advocates

Let's have a toast to raw milk
Heather Callaghan
Activist Post

Things can seem really grim in the world of food freedom when farmers and food club members are jailed and squashed for providing fresh milk, while the media continues to spread outright lies about its consumption.

Just when it appears that the force, bans, food destruction, jail time, and deception are too much to handle – the people parry and thrust! In this dark cloud of oppression against health freedom and self-sufficiency, there are indeed some overlooked silver linings. For every bout of extreme force, there is a doubly powerful backlash.

Increasing Rallies To Defend Small Milk Farmers

There have been a handful of impressive rallies to defend raided small farms in the last year including the most recent one supporting Vernon Hershberger. Around 300 people showed up at his Wisconsin court hearing and were jam packed into the courtroom and basement during proceedings.

He refused to have a hearing without his own camera rolling and would not accept offers forsettlement, i.e. reduced punishment for accepting guilt for four misdemeanors. The pressure from the crowd, his gentle constancy, and his recordings may have led the judge to rethink the call of prosecutors to punish him for violating bail terms. His trial date has been pushed to September.

The attendees and Hershberger signed a Declaration of Food Independence and went to a workshop to learn about standing up to food and farm tyranny.

The education and action always proves useful. For instance, Jackie Ownes, the DATCP inspector carrying out action against Hershberger calls herself a judge, but has no sworn oath on file and therefore, no real judicial authority. The rally organizers are suing her for fraud and misrepresentation.

Sheriff Receives Award For Protecting Small Farm Clubs

Over 200 law enforcement personnel attended the first Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association convention in early February. Sheriff Brad Rogers received an award for "Meritorious Valor" and overwhelming applause for standing up to the feds attacking farmer David Hochstetler.

Rogers of Indiana bravely stood his ground and kept his oath knowing there would be sparks. He promised to protect Hochstetler who was subpoenaed in December for distributing raw milk.

He wrote the Justice Department attorney that if anyone came back to the farm without a signed search warrant, they would be “removed for trespassing.” They puffed back that they have federal jurisdiction via the Supremacy Clause, but he reminded them about the Constitution.

The Department of Justice removed its subpoena. This is what happens when constitutional sheriffs exercise their authority to protect their turf from federal bully overreach.

Harvard Raw Milk Debate

A step in the right direction, Harvard's Food Law Society invited some of the biggest players in the politically incorrect food freedom movement to speak openly in a debate.

In the February debate below, Sally Fallon of Weston A. Price foundation and author David Gumpert spoke first about raw milk's benefits, the deceptions, and the extreme government crackdown on farmers. Stark opponents to raw milk, attorney Fred Pritzker and Dr. Heidi Kassenborg spoke after.

This intriguing video is a must-watch to find out what all the fuss is about:

Who do you think made the strongest argument?

Harvard Study Finds Pasteurized Milk Causes Cancer

An old report from a Harvard student makes the connection that the addition of rBGH (hormones) to speed the production of milk from factory farm cows, as well as the practice of milking cows during pregnancy, leads to hormone disruption; and breast, prostate, and testicular cancer.

The resurfacing report from Harvard, lauded by the mainstream, and exposed during the same week as court hearings and CDC warnings (i.e, lies), is quite a punch in the face to the raw milk task force.

The media, including one of the debaters above, like to cite an instance when a raw milk farmer on the news was milking his cow and didn't realize that some manure had landed on his face -- as if that should be the death knell for all unpasteurized products. But, along with the Harvard study, it was also found that pasteurized milk contains, among other things, a speculated 150 times moreblood, pus and feces than fresh milk. Does a body good?

The CDC Is Caught Cherry Picking Data – and Lying

In late February, the CDC put out another scary warning espousing the dangers of potential foodborne illness from consuming unpasteurized milk. Conveniently it comes during the midst of farmer court hearings and milk confiscations; also conveniently, it completely skews raw milk data and downplays the dangers of pasteurized milk. They also lied about two deaths from raw milk that were actually tied to eating an illegal cheese.

Just over a hundred people on average become sick from raw milk each year; fewer than sicknesses from pasteurized milk. Milk products in general are low risk; only a few hundred sicknesses out of around 24,000 foodborne illness cases each year. Raw milk sicknesses make up about 0.005 percent of that threat, and the chances of food sickness are 1,300 times higher from eating at a restaurant than from drinking raw milk.

The warning serves as a perfect example of an irrational attack that has nothing to do with food safety -- but the wool is lifting from people's eyes.

The Rest of The World Is Seen Drinking Raw Milk – Always

Other countries and cultures must look upon America's raging War on Milk with bafflement. For thousands of years and now, people have consumed raw milk without incident.

In Europe, you can grab fresh milk from vending machines – the government often pays the vendors to provide their wares.

Woman Cures Her Lyme With Raw Milk – Uncovers Old Medical Protocols Using Raw Milk

Recently, a woman undertook a rigorous 90-day raw milk fast to rid her body of Lyme disease. She uncovered old Mayo Foundation documents from the early 1900s applying raw milk fasts to serious diseases at the time such as Tuberculosis.

Not as Recent Honorable Mentions:

Don't mess with the Raw Milk Freedom Riders! In November, strong moms and others joined acaravan of raw milk trucks and defiantly drove it back and forth over state lines in protest of the FDA's strict interstate bans. President of the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund FTCLDF, said, “How do you know when we’ve got a bad law? When thousands of otherwise law abiding citizens are breaking it on a weekly basis.”

Last year, a study showed that kids who drink raw milk have 40 percent less asthma and allergies than others. Raw milk has shown curative effects for asthma, a serious condition that kills 5,500 people each year.

In June, a female endurance cycling team powered by raw milk broke speed records records in their bracket, previously held by men. The Raw Milk Cats were in their fifties and sped completely across the country in six days. Body builders are also loving the use of raw milk for better protein assimilation.

Ron Paul introduced The Unpasteurized Milk bill to decriminalize raw milk and allow interstate transfer. Watch a great interview on his stance here.

Big Picture Victory: The Forbidden Nature of Raw Milk

What seems like an irrational attempt to stomp out any remnant of the radical 9 million or more raw milk drinkers only serves to make people question – why??

More than likely, all the buzz will intrigue rather than preclude people from trying out America's most “dangerous” contraband.

Care to rebel? Once you find out how private farm club memberships work, the rest is easy. Visitwww.westonaprice.org to find chapter members who will help you locate and join a local club. Now is the time to opt for fresh pasture foods in lieu of slime and dead food.

Supporting local small farms is the best way to lend them strength -- and to keep yours!

End The Lie show host Madison Ruppert & Heather Callaghan talk food freedom in a two-hour discussion here: Part 1 & Part 2

You can spread the word of victory by voting on Reddit to support this article: http://www.reddit.com/r/conspiracy/comments/r5t84/7_recent_victories_for_raw_milk_freedom_advocates/

Please find other articles by Heather Callaghan HERE

People Fleeing Tokyo Radiation

As the magnitude of last year's earthquake and tsunami nuclear reactor damage becomes more and more clear many residents of Tokyo, home to 30 million, are fleeing for safety. Earlier this year the government disclosed plans to evacuate the entire city and to relocate the capital of Japan. Many fear that large portions of Northern Japan will be off limits for decades. Huge contamination of the ocean water and atmosphere makes the Fukushima incident a global issue that requires the nations of the Earth to unite in helping Japan prevent a nuclear holocaust. Of course to do that they would have to abandon on going plans for global thermonuclear war with consequences far worse than Fukushima.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Fear of radiation creeping south

Some parents with young kids relocating from Tokyo area

KAMAKURA, Kanagawa Pref. — Lingering concerns about radiation a year into the Fukushima nuclear crisis have prompted people even as far away as the Tokyo area, some 100 to 250 km from the Fukushima No. 1 power plant, to move away.
News photo
Relocation: Mothers concerned about the effects of radiation on their young children gather in a community center in Kamakura, Kanagawa Prefecture, on Feb. 15 to listen to Mamiko Joosten as she shares her experience of staying in Okinawa with her 6-year-old daughter for a month and a half prior to moving there for good this month.KYODO
Mamiko Joosten, who has lived for seven years in Kamakura, Kanagawa Prefecture, has now decided to move to Okinawa with her 6-year-old daughter out of fear of radiation, leaving her husband behind.
"I do not want to regret later on exposing my daughter to the threat of radiation. The government's limit does not guarantee absolute safety, so I would rather choose to leave," she said.
Her husband, Maurice, said that though "it is difficult" to be apart from his wife and daughter, he has opted to stay behind because he likes his current job, which he said is "not something I can easily find in Okinawa."
Joosten said she lost her trust in the government after it failed to properly disclose information as the triple-meltdown crisis was unfolding, including data from the System for Prediction of Environmental Emergency Dose Information, known as SPEEDI, which predicts the dispersion of radioactive materials.
To move to Okinawa this month, she quit her job at an organic food store and will have to stop teaching maternity yoga lessons in Kamakura.
According to the Internal Affairs and Communications Ministry, the number of people moving to Tokyo and its vicinity exceeded those moving out by a smaller margin in 2011 than the year before. In Chiba Prefecture, where some radiation hot spots have been detected, people moving out exceeded newcomers for the first time in 55 years, by nearly 4,000.
In western Japan, Osaka, Kyoto and Okayama prefectures saw more incoming people than outbound ones for the first time in about 15 years. Except for Nagasaki Prefecture, Kyushu and Okinawa Prefecture also saw an increase in the number of new residents in 2011.
Hiroshi Takahashi, secretary general of a Tokyo-based nonprofit organization supporting people moving to rural areas, said that after the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami triggered the nuclear crisis, "inquiries from people considering moving out of Tokyo and its vicinity have surged."
"Popular destinations have shifted from elsewhere in eastern Japan to western regions due to the nuclear crisis," he said.
Before her decision, Joosten stayed in Okinawa with her daughter for a month and a half starting in mid-December to explore the possibility of relocating to the prefecture. She found many others had also moved from the Kanto region.
She is determined to move but also learned that relocation is not always easy, saying she heard that some families have struggled to find work, while mothers with kids have had a hard time living away from their husbands.
After coming back to Kamakura to prepare for the move, she shared her experiences in February with more than a dozen mothers also concerned about the harmful effects of radiation.
Mothers asked many questions about possible job opportunities, schools for their children and whether they could be accepted easily into the local community. Some said they are also planning to try staying in Okinawa for a month or so in April.
It is not an easy step for many to take.
Eriko Tajima, 40, a mother of two, said that while she hopes to relocate sometime in the future, she is unable do so immediately because her husband can't quit his job.
"We would not mind if it were only us adults. I am concerned about the future of my kids. I don't want them to spend most of their life being sick," she said.
Anxious about internal radiation exposure, she only buys vegetables from western Japan and has stopped eating seafood.
Megumi Umeda, 28, who participated in one of the sessions organized by Joosten, said she would also feel more at ease if she could move farther away from Fukushima, but financial reasons and her husband's work prevent her from doing so.
"I am searching for ways I can live here safely with my children. If I can change the future of my kids by what I do, I will do all I can."
She now refrains from drinking tap water and makes lunches for her kids.
Some of the mothers said they have suffered depression as a result of their worries as well as the perception others have of them that they are overreacting.
According to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, the radiation dose in the air was about 0.050 microsievert per hour at monitoring spots in Tokyo and Kanagawa and Saitama prefectures as of early March, equivalent to 438 microsieverts for a full year.
The International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP), sets radiation exposure under normal situations at 1 millisievert per year and says 100 millisieverts of exposure over a lifetime would increase the possibility of developing cancer by 0.5 percent.
The government has ordered residents in areas reaching 20 millisieverts of annual radiation exposure to evacuate, based on the ICRP's standard, which sets a limit of 20 to 100 millisieverts of annual radiation exposure under emergency situations.
However, scientists are at odds about the possible effects of low-level radiation exposure and internal exposure, which occurs by inhaling, eating or drinking radioactive substances. Some also pose questions about the credibility of the ICRP, which disregards the higher threat posed by internal exposure pointed out by the European Committee on Radiation Risk.
Kazuko Ono, a professor at Kyoto College of Medical Science, said there is no need to worry about radiation exposure for people outside the areas designated for evacuation by the government. She said negative repercussions to human health will be seen only with exposure of more than 100 millisieverts.
On the other hand, Katsuma Yagasaki, a professor emeritus at the University of the Ryukyus in Okinawa, pointed out possible dangers even in the Kanto region.
"The government's standard disregards the effects of internal radiation exposure, which can be more dangerous than external exposure. Some kind of risk may emerge later. The government is not placing the first priority on the safety of people's lives," he said.
With differing views even among scientists, regular people have no choice but to decide on their own.
"I don't want to blame anyone else if something goes wrong with my daughter in the future. So I am making my own decision," Joosten said.

21 March 2012

Philadelphia: Radiation Hot Spot of the Nation

The above map if from the Radiation Network web site that produces live minute by minute radiation readings from around the country and around the world. This is information that the government is not providing. 
Of interest is the fact that Philadelphia is consistently the highest radiation hotspot in the nation. Evidently, either the fallout from Fukushima gets dumped on Philadelphia, or there is a local radiation leak that has not be made public. In either case, the highest risk area of the country right now is Philadelphia and protective measures are warranted. 
This past weekend, I conducted a screening of 32 individuals from the Philadelphia area and roughly half of those tested were positive. This means that they have ingested or breathed in radioactive particles from the local environment. Further testing and investigation is needed. 
Persons in the area may find protection from the ill effects of radiation by the daily use of Spirulina- 5 to 10 grams. Those testing positive may possibly benefit from the use of Chlorella- 10 to 40 grams per day. Organic powder forms are more cost effective then tablets or capsules at these high doses.

Fast Foods and Violence Linked

In the first human study of its kind researchers have linked trans fatty acid consumption to increased aggression. Published in the Public Library of Science’s own journal, PLoS, March 5th 2012, researchers at the Dept. of Medicine at the University of California, San Diego, reported:

“Dietary trans fatty acids (dTFA) are primarily synthetic compounds that have been introduced only recently; little is known about their behavioral effects. dTFA inhibit production of omega-3 fatty acids, which experimentally have been shown to reduce aggression. Potential behavioral effects of dTFA merit investigation. We sought to determine whether dTFA are associated with aggression/irritability.”
The study looked at 945 adult men and women who were not on lipid-lowering drugs, and who were without LDL-cholesterol extremes, diabetes, HIV, cancer or heart disease. Outcomes assessed adverse behaviors with impact on others based on both objective (life histories of aggression) and subjective (self-rated impatience and irritabilitly) sources of information. The researchers concluded:
“This study provides the first evidence linking dTFA [dietary trans fatty acids] with behavioral irritability and aggression.”
This novel finding adds to a growing body of existing clinical research indicating that synthetically produced trans fatty acids adversely affect human health, particularly cardiovascular health and cancer risk.
Due to the fact that the human brain (excluding water) is composed mostly of fatty acids, it is understandable how synthetically produced trans fats could adversely affect brain and psychiatric health. In fact, a recent animal study demonstrated that long-term trans fatty acid feeding in animals contributed to the incorporation of these fats in the brain, leading to increased susceptibility of developing movement disorders.  
Given that this most recent finding links trans fatty acid consumption to possibly violent behavior towards others, a serious legal and moral question is raised as to whether regulatory agencies like the FDA can continue to allow their production and use without being in some way responsible for the damage that is afflicted upon the general population as a consequence.
This same question can be raised in regard to the 300+ adverse health effects that statin drugs have been linked to, not the least of which is increased violent behavior towards self (suicide and parasuicide) and other, as a consequence of having low cholesterol.  In the same way that trans fatty acids may alter the physiology (and therefore function) of the neurological tissue itself, low cholesterol levels reduces the number of serotonin receptors in the brain, which in turn lowers brain serotonin, making it more difficult to suppress aggressive behavior.

19 March 2012

Root Canals: Pro and Con

Most dentist seem to feel that root canals are a good procedure- it saves a tooth, right? Well, maybe- but are there some down sides to that proposition? Yes, there are- a lot of them. Read and get the facts so you can make the right decision.

Root Canals: Why would anyone want a dead tooth in their mouth … for life?

Of all the dental procedures and dental materials utilized throughout the field of dentistry there is none more destructive to human health than root canals.
“It’s like putting a bullet in your mouth, and then just waiting for the day it might kill you.”
~ A Dental Consultant after years of observing the ravages of root canal ‘treatment’
Let’s first draw the picture – in living color – for you to look at closely before you choose to do a root canal(s) in your mouth.
This routine procedure involves the following technique every time the endodontist or general dentist gets busy in your mouth making canals in your teeth, some of which may be stubs at that point.  
First the dentist removes all the dental pulp from the tooth. “The dental pulp is the part in the center of a tooth made up of living connective tissue and cells called odontoblasts.“[1] This vital pulp, which is necessary for a living tooth to remain living, is full of blood vessels and nerve tissue. When this blood supply and network of nerves is extracted, the tooth is essentially devitalized, aka killed. The tooth is then completely unable to perform all the normal activities which are required for optimal tooth health.
Why would anyone, ever, want a dead tooth in their mouth ... for the rest of their life?!
Why Would I Want A Dead Tooth In My Mouth For Life?
So, the first question any rational person would ask themselves is: “Why would I want a dead tooth in my mouth … for the rest of my life?”
Good question!
Answer: You don’t want a dead tooth in your mouth for the rest of your life.
Please show us — The Health Coach — another instance in your body where a dead organ, tissue, limb, digit, etc. is purposefully kept in or attached to your body by the Medical Practitioner. Show us just one example.
Our experience has been that wherever an organ dies, the doctor removes it pronto. Whenever a limb becomes gangrenous, the surgeon amputates post haste. If your eye were to “die” due to some traumatic injury which became infected, the ophthalmologist would completely remove the eye leaving an empty socket cleaned out of all infected tissue, yes?
Why then does an endodontist go out of his way to keep your white shiny tooth in place even though he has just killed it?! The only reason he is able to get away with this extremely dangerous procedure is because of our ignorance often coupled with vanity, together with his/her ‘compelling’ sales pitch as to why you don’t want to lose the tooth (that’s another very long story for another dental coaching session).
Let’s revisit the dead tooth that sits in your mouth after the root canal is completed. Because it still appears white does that mean it is okay. If it turned black and oozed pus, what would you do with it? Wouldn’t you take it out? Well, here’s what’s REALLY going on with that tooth.
The human body was designed to rid itself of all dead and infected cells, tissues, organs, etc. Teeth are no different and it’s why we see so many toothless people around the world where there is not adequate preventive dental care and maintenance-oriented oral health. The body gets rid of the tooth that’s “gone bad”… one way or another.
You see, the tooth dentin* is full of thousands of microscopic dentin tubules which are critical to maintaining healthy teeth. Once the root canal is performed these tubules become home to all sorts of pathogenic bacteria and accumulated toxins which can no longer be removed because the tooth’s vascular system has been removed (and the tooth’s natural self-healing system has been totally incapacitated). All the normal activities that are carried out within this matrix, “which radiate outward through the dentin from the pulp to the exterior cementum or enamel border“, cease to take place. It’s important to understand that “these tubules contain fluid and cellular structures. As a result, dentin has a degree of permeability which can increase the sensation of pain and the rate of tooth decay.“[2]
*“Dentin is bone-like matrix characterized by multiple closely packed dentinal tubules that traverse its entire thickness and contain the cytoplasmic extensions of odontoblasts that once formed the dentine and maintain it.” (Per Wikipedia)
That’s enough anatomy for the time being; the upshot is that your dead, root-canaled tooth has now become a haven for all sorts of nasty pathogenic microorganisms which sit there for the lifetime of the body doing more damage than you’ll ever know. Much of the havoc actually starts around the roots of the root-canaled tooth. This is where the body sets up it first line of defense against a tooth that has died and is on the way to becoming necrotic.
What are Focal Infections?
They are called focal infections and they are found around the roots, especially the tips of every root-canaled tooth. These infections are almost always subclinical in nature which means the dentist or doctor doesn’t pick up any symptoms upon physical examination. Those who observe their bodies closely and are intuitive rarely miss the telltale signs that something has gone awry in their mouth.
Incidentally, many abscesses in the mouth are directly the result of infections that occur around the roots of root-canaled teeth. These often start out as a very small swelling, but they can easily evolve into painful inflammations requiring the use of antibiotics and the immediate extraction of the tooth. The swelling, pain and inflammation are simply the body’s response to the dead tooth. The older the root canal, the greater the likelihood that a full-blown infection will require urgent, if not emergent, care.
This unfortunate state of affairs is not the most serious aspect of root canals, however. The real caveat surrounding this extraordinarily harmful procedure are the FOCAL INFECTIONS which inevitably result in teeth which exhibit no symptoms, have no pain, and seem perfectly ‘healthy’.
Just what is a focal infection? Here you go from The Free Dictionary (by Farlex):
focal infection
A bacterial infection localized in a specific part of the body, such as the tonsils, that may spread to another part of the body.
the site or origin of an infectious process. Endodontically treated teeth have frequently been accused of being the source of septicemias….
This is where root canals really rear their ugly heads. However, it takes a very perceptive individual to recognize that ugly head for what it is before it takes an awesome toll on their health, even to the point of death.
What we have seen with root canals with over 25 years of close observation is that each individual possesses his/her own signature points, weaknesses if you will, which are targeted by these focal infections. In one person it may be their heart, another their thyroid, yet another it may be their brain or kidneys which are targeted. No matter what the target organ(s)/tissues(s), the particular organ or tissue or bodily location becomes the recipient (focus) of the infection that began in the mouth (most often a root-canaled tooth).
What ultimately can occur if this condition is allowed to proceed undiagnosed or unattended ranges anywhere from a heart attack or worse, cardiac arrest, to a brain attack or stroke. When the cerebrovascular accident is less severe it may only take the form of a TIA (transient ischemic attack) or mini-stroke. Nevertheless, you hopefully get the picture of how serious these focal infections can be.
After reviewing the thorough and painstaking work of Dr. Weston A. Price, it has become clear that many a heart attack which has killed its victim actually started in the tooth socket cavitation, the root-canaled tooth or the infected crowned tooth which went unnoticed or untreated for two or three or four decades. By removing the infected teeth of an individual who died of cardiovascular disease and implanting them under the skin of a rabbit, Dr. Price documented that the rabbit then succumbed to the same type of heart disease as the original human victim.
Dr. George Meinig, D.D.S. to the rescue
The Health Coach who is the author of this Root Canal coaching session was fortunate to study under Dr. George Meinig, DDS, FACD. With Dr. Meinig as our mentor for over ten years we were able to fully apprehend the catastrophic consequences to the health of those countries where root canals are performed in the greatest numbers. Clearly the incidence of the Alphabet Soup Diseases, Multi-Infection Syndromes and New Millennium Maladies have skyrocketed in those areas where root canals are prevalent. Dr. Meinig’s book Root Canal Cover-Up nicely details all the reasons why you ought to re-consider the dentist advice of root canal ‘therapy’.
There is no question that autoimmune disorders have become a predominant theme in the aforementioned groupings of syndromes, diseases and infections. Here’s why:
When the human body is subjected — day after day, month after month, year after year — to relentless, raging focal infections, completely under the radar, they take a HUGE toll on the individual’s immune system. So huge, as a matter of fact, that the immune system goes into a fritz. Call it auto-immune dysregulation, autoimmune disorder, autoimmune disease, or autoimmune syndrome; you know when you have it, because your quality of life is absolutely miserable.
So important is this connection to dental procedures/materials that we reflexively recommend all clients who have autoimmune type symptoms to check out their mouth very carefully. If they refuse to address those areas of obvious need, we can no longer guide them on the healing journeys so profound and fundamental is the origination of disease in the mouth.
The Health Coach has also had the good fortune of consulting with Dr George Meinig’s top two students and experts on the ongoing, epidemic health disaster known as root canal treatment. Both Dr. Christopher Hussar, DDS, DO of Reno, NE and Dr. Robert Kulasc, DDS of Mt Kisco, NY have made great contributions to this field of study and have written and spoken extensively on the scientific basis of the inherent risks associated with root canal treatment, as well as actual case studies which graphically illustrate the dangers to human health.
Some of the other unintended consequences of root canal treatment include periodontitis,bacteraemia and infective endocarditis. Each of these medical conditions have been documented through biomedical research published at the National Library of Medicine to have a causal relationship with root-canaled teeth, as seen at the hyperlinked abstracts. Feel free to make copies of these PubMed research papers and bring them to your dentist/endodontist for his review and serious contemplation.
A Root Canal in process showing the excavated roots

Root Canals: Are you putting a bullet in your mouth?

In closing let us say that of all the medical and dental operations which are regularly performed on the unsuspecting public, the root canal procedure is the most misrepresented, potentially injurious and underestimated in its repercussions to systemic health. No matter which tooth has been compromised beyond repair, we universally recommend that the tooth be extracted and the tooth socket be thoroughly cleaned out as per the protocols offered by Dr. Meinig in Root Canal Cover-Up.
In the final analysis it has been determined that THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A GOOD ROOT CANAL. They are all infected and only differ by the degree and outward signs of infection. Therefore, there can only be one solution which we will take up in our next dental coaching session: Root Canals: What is the best and only alternative?
With every good wish,
The Health Coach
Caveat to all Parents: Systemic health risks are the REAL concern with root canals, so everyone is well advised to be extra special careful not to subject our delicate and sensitive children to such a pernicious procedure as root canal treatment at such a tender age.
The Health Coach’s Personal Testimony:
Back in the mid ’90s, I consulted with an oral surgeon in South Florida about the best way to address a number of cavitation sites. An old root canal site was particularly challenging. We decided to re-open the site and completely clean it out. What we found was an inordinate amount of black, dead, necrotic bone where the roots of the tooth used to be. What happened?
When a tooth is root canaled, it dies and becomes very brittle lacking the resilience and flexibility of a living tooth. With year after year of continued chewing, the stresses can easily cause the delicate roots to crack. When this occurs the filling material – gutta-percha and all – seep into the jawbone forever compromising it based on the toxicity load of the mix of filling ingredients.
This is exactly what occurred in my case; and the surgeon was compelled to saw out little chunks of black, dead, necrotic bone so as to allow health bone to regenerate, which it did. He also put the little pieces of dead bone on a silver tray right in front of me for my focused consideration — Needless to say, it was the most important (and memorable) dental coaching session I ever had!
You can imagine that the post-surgical therapies and treatments were then much more creative and time-consuming than the surgery itself. Needless to say, it’s the last root canal ever performed in this mouth.
Warning to all who read this:
Many laboratory studies have been conducted on teeth and cavitation sites where root-canaled teeth once sat and the results have been alarming. There are strains of anaerobic bacteria which proliferate in these sites that have not been found anywhere else on earth. Not only that, but these same anaerobic bacteria have been found to produce toxins that are as detrimental to the human body as any that have ever been found in vivo. These same toxins have likewise never been found in any other environment on the planet – either living or inanimate – and are considered poisonous by toxicologists who have studied them.
Correlation between the teeth and their respective meridians:
As you may already know, each tooth sits on a meridian the correlation of which can be very revealing about the linkage between longstanding health complaints and imbalanced tooth sites (cavitation sites are notorious for reflexing to the respective body part). We found this Tooth Meridian Chart at Oasis Advanced Wellness to be particularly helpful. This just might be the only tool available for some of us to track down some of our more intractable ailments. All it takes is focus, intuition and self-observation.
Dr. George Meinig, a true American Health Hero:
Dr. George Meinig was a founding member of the American Association of Endodontics, the organization of dental specialists who perform root canal treatment. Therefore, you can imagine how profoundly and dramatically his life changed when he happened upon the conclusive research conducted by Dr. Weston Price. From that day forward, Dr. Meinig never offered traditional root canal treatment again.
In fact he spent the rest of his dental career treating the many patients to whom he had originally given root canals. He also spent much of his professional and personal time offering counsel and consultation to the many seriously ill individuals whose immune systems had been gravely affected by this procedure. He gave of himself tirelessly up until the day he died at 93 years old.
He was ostracized by his peer professionals, marginalized by the dental establishment and belittled by those who never even reviewed the hard science undergirding his rock solid refutation of root canal safety. Through it all, he remained stalwart in his crusade and unintimidated by anyone who attempted to undermine the evidence which he accumulated. In spite of any obstacles thrown before him or ridicule heaped upon him, he remained unusually cheerful, gracious and generous to the max.
Truly, he was a HERO of Global Health and Wellness.
Advice to those whose dentists are clueless:
Here again The Health Coach has two experiences to share which are quite instructive.
I. After having x-rays taken of my root-canaled tooth I asked the dentist what the shiny, narrow reflection was on the x-ray. The dentist replied casually and without hesitation: “Oh, that’s a broken piece of the instrument that the previous dentist used to pack in the filling material in the root of the tooth.”
I replied, “So is that standard operating procedure to leave the broken instrument in the tooth?!”
“Yes it is”, he responded. “After all, it just becomes part of the filling material.”
“Maybe we should just throw in the kitchen sink while we’re at it.” <——I didn’t really say this but wanted to.
II. A second experience brought me to another dentist (I’ve been fired by many of them over the years) where we again were reviewing my full mouth x-rays. I asked him what the obvious discoloration the size of a quarter around my root-canaled tooth was. He said it was nothing and not to worry. I persisted and asked again what he thought it might be. I left his office without an answer. A few days later my wife and I received a letter in the mail in which he terminated our dental relationship. A few days later I had the same x-rays reviewed by an oral surgeon who confirmed my fears that the discoloration was an obvious sign of long-term infection surrounding the entire root-canaled tooth. He recommended immediate surgery before it abscessed.
Root Canal Cover-Up by Dr. George Meinig, DDS
The Weston A. Price Foundation
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[2] Dentin explained further at Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dentin)
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