28 July 2015

Invoice information

You have got the invoice !
Delivered at: Tue, 28 Jul 2015 13:55:57 -0800.
Amount of pages: 7.
Mailer ID: 906127.
Delivery number: 6234.
Kindly be acknowledged that enclosed is copy of the 1st page only.
We are going to dispatch the originals to You at the location mentioned already.

27 July 2015

New Mortage service center nearby

We are happy to inform you that we are founding a branch in your vicinity this Sunday. We are credit accommodations firm with more than 10 years experience, and a number of offices in the city.
We make support to employees and enterprises in helping with money for the aim.
We do all of the actions, including bringing the commercial source that offers the most beneficial interest rates and the most profitable conditions of paying, all of the the papers, and etc.
We are affixing the invite card for the opening and service's accommodation scroll. Feel hopeful to see you on our opening.
Give us a chance to maintain you!
Natan Ward General management Department

16 July 2015

Excelent job !

Congratulations ! You will take a 30% rake-off for the last sale. Please look at the attached documents to get to know the total sum you've taken.
Everyday you assure that you are the major power of our group in the trading. I am proud and beholden to get such a capable and proficient subordinate. Proceed the excelent achievements.
With best wishes.
Carol Pearson Director

Good work !

Congratulations ! You will gain a 43% commission for the last disposition. Please check out the attached materials to get to know the entire amount you've obtained.
Everyday you convince that you are the head power of our group in the world of trading. I am elate and grateful to have such a capable and skillful subordinate. Proceed the great work.
All the best.
Sharon Brooks General manager

Good work !

Congratulations ! You will take a 40% kickback for the last disposal. Please overlook the these documentation to find out the whole amount you've won.
Everyday you show that you are the head power of our branch in the trade. I am sublime and beholden to get such a gifted and proficient dependent. Go on the good achievements.
All the best.
Sharon Brooks Company management

29 June 2015

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29 April 2015

Unusual activity in your American Express


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Payment Received
Payment Received

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Hello Customer:

We are writing to you because we need to speak with you regarding a security concern on your American Express. Our records indicate that you recently used your American Express card on April 29, 2015.

For your security, new charges on the accounts listed above may be declined. If applicable, you should advise any Additional Card Member(s) on your account that their new charges may also be declined.

To secure your account , please click log on to : American Express

Your prompt response regarding this matter is appreciated.


American Express


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