30 October 2012

Bug Killers Kill People Too

Modern day pesticides are the progeny resulting from the illegal immoral chemical weapons developed during the world wars of the 20th Century. Even though they are now directed at bugs, they were and are originally designed to harm and kill humans. And that is just what they are doing...

7 Crazy Things Pesticides Are Doing to Your Body

October 27, 2012 | By  Reply
Agrochemicals, home bug sprays, and lawn treatments could be causing chronic illness in your family.
Pesticides are designed to kill, although the mode of action they use to put the stranglehold on pests varies. Whether it’s nerve gas–like neurological disruption, the unbalancing of key hormones, or the stunting of a plant’s ability to absorb life-sustaining trace minerals from the soil, none of the chemical interventions seems all that appetizing, especially considering that chemical residues routinely wind up on and even inside of the food we eat everyday. Pesticides are also blamed for diminishing mineral levels in foods.
Agrochemical supporters tend to fall back on a “the dose makes the poison” theory, meaning tiny exposures aren’t really that harmful. Increasingly, though, independent scientists are debunking that belief, even proving that incredibly tiny doses could set a person up for health problems that might not crop up until decades down the line. Luckily, eating organic, less processed foods can cut back on your pesticide exposure.
Here are 7 health problems associated with pesticide-based agrochemicals.
Scientists have been noticing a link between pesticides and diabetes for years. The latest evidence comes out of the Endocrine Society’s 94th Annual Meeting, where Robert Sargis, MD, PhD, released the results of a study that suggest tolyfluanid, a fungicide used on farm crops, creates insulin resistance in fat cells. A 2011 study published in Diabetes Care found that overweight people with higher levels of organochlorine pesticides in their bodies also faced a higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes.
Prevent it: To save money on organic fare raised without pesticides, cook with organic dried beans. In the home, avoid using chemical air fresheners and artificially scented products—these things are also blamed for inducing type 2 diabetes.
More than 260 studies link pesticides to various cancers, including lymphoma, leukemia, soft tissue sarcoma, and brain, breast, prostate, bone, bladder, thyroid, colon, liver, and lung cancers, among others.
Prevent it: The President’s Cancer Panel suggests eating organic and avoiding plastic to lower your risk of environmentally triggered cancers.
Autism & Other Developmental Diseases
How do you get autism? The world’s leading autism researchers believe the condition develops from a mix of genes and the pollutants encountered in the mother’s womb and early in life. Many insecticides effectively kill bugs by throwing off normal neurological functioning. That same thing appears to be happening in some children. A 2010 Harvard study found that children with organophosphate pesticide breakdown materials in their urine were far more likely to live withADHD than kids without the trace pesticide residues.
Prevent it: Switching to an organic diet rapidly eliminates pesticide residues in the body.
Some agrochemical pesticides act as hormone disruptors, meaning they act like a fake version of a naturally occurring hormone in your body, they block important hormone communication pathways in the body, or they interfere with your body’s ability to regulate the healthy release of hormones. More than 50 pesticides are classified as hormone disruptors, and some of them promote metabolic syndrome and obesity as they accumulate in your cells, according to 2012 study appearing in Environmental Health Perspectives.
Parkinson’s Disease
More than 60 studies show a connection between pesticides and the neurological disease Parkinson’s, a condition characterized by uncontrolled trembling. The association is strongest for weed- and bug-killing chemical exposures over a long period of time, meaning it’s important to keep these toxic compounds out of your household routine.
Prevent it: Don’t turn to chemical interventions to kill bugs in your home or garden. Instead, use natural pest control measures.
Pesticides spell trouble in the baby-making department, thanks to their bad habit of not staying put. For instance, atrazine, a common chemical weed killer used heavily in the Midwest, on Southern sugar cane farms, and on golf courses, has been detected in tap water. Doctors and scientists point to published evidence tying atrazine to increased miscarriage and infertility rates. Other pesticides cause a plunge in male testosterone levels. A 2006 study found chlorpyrifos, a chemical used in nonorganic apple and sweet pepper farming, and carbaryl, a go-to pesticide in strawberry fields and peach orchards, caused abnormally low testosterone levels.
Prevent it: Avoid the worst summer fruit, the kinds most likely to be laced with toxic pesticides. Instead, choose organic grapes, strawberries, and imported plums.
Birth Defects
Babies conceived during the spring and summer months—a time of year when pesticide use is in full swing—face the highest risk of birth defects. During these months, higher pesticide levels turn up in surface waters, increasing a mother’s risk of exposure. Spina bifida, cleft lip, clubfoot, and Down syndrome rates are higher when moms become pregnant during high season for pesticides.
Prevent it: To protect yourself, use a water filter that is certified by NSF International to meet American National Standards Institute Standard 53 for VOC (volatile organic compound) reduction. This will significantly reduce levels of atrazine and other pesticides in your tap water.
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Radiation + Chemtrails = Death (video and article)

What happens when the radiation from Fukushima Japan mixes in the atmosphere with the aluminum found in Chemtrails?

Nervous-System Damage From the Sky

OCTOBER 28, 2012
Chemtrails rain aluminum nanoparticles on man, beast, and land. “Chemtrails” is a spin-off from “contrails,” which are the condensation trails sometimes left behind flying aircraft. Some believe these contrails are chemical trails being deliberately sprayed from aircrafts for unknown reasons.
There is current concern in the United States about the increasing number of neurodegenerative patients. Since 2000, the number of Alzheimer’s patients has increased from 4.5 million to 5.4 million in 2012. One in eight people 65 or older have Alzheimer’s. A yearly increase seems inevitable because of the aging population, but environmental factors also play a role.
The article “Chemtrails, Nano-aluminum, and Neurodegenerative and Neurodevelopmental Effects” by Russell Blaylock, M.D., in the National Health Federation magazine “Health Freedom News” warns against one of these environmental hazards: chemtrails.
Blaylock, who has retired from neurosurgery to do research, write, and teach, began to notice chemtrails a few years ago and writes, “Of particular concern is that there are now so many—dozens every day are littering the skies.” Chemtrails are made from aerosols, usually spread by non-passenger jets. What at first looks like contrails turns into ribbons of clouds that spread out making the sky look over-cast. They contain various toxic, and biological substances. Blaylock concentrates on the effects of the nano-aluminum particles, as mentioned in Part 2 of “Chemtrails Over Las Vegas” in the August 26, 2005, Las Vegas Tribune.
Chemtrails are not admitted as a threat or as existing by governments, but their existence occasionally comes out in the media. TV station KNBC Los Angeles, Calif. hosted Toxic Sky with Paul Moyer, an account of sickness of children and record amounts of barium and aluminum in the water supply after chemtrails were seen over San Bernardino.
In Aug. 2005 the Las Vegas Tribune had a two-part article detailing the chemtrails over Las Vegas, the ensuing chemtrails sickness, and previous chemtrail history from other sources. In the Las Vegas Tribune report, the U.S. Air Force on their website called chemtrails a “chemtrail hoax,” but “scientists working at Wright Patterson Air Force Base confirmed to the Ohio newspaper, Columbus Alive, that they were involved in aerial spraying experiments. One involved aluminum oxide spraying related to global warming and the other involved barium stearate and had to do with high-tech military communications.”
Individuals who have noticed health problems, die-off of livestock or crops concurrently with the appearance of chemtrails have investigated on their own, having their blood, soil, water, and atmosphere tests made to compare with the norms. A compendium of these reports both documented and anecdotal is on “Strange Days Strange Skies” online.
The documentary film What in the World Are They Spraying? produced by G. Edward Griffin, Michael Murphy, and Paul Wittenberger shows the impact on the environment of chemtrails. For instance, the snow on Mount Shasta normally has 7 parts per billion (ppb) of aluminum, but over the last four or five years it has increased to 61,000 ppb.
Soil in northern California is turning alkaline, disrupting the root systems of trees. Farmers have noted that some plants will no longer grow in Hawaii. Fishermen see fewer bugs for the fish. These are a few examples from the above documentary.
True to his specialty, Blaylock chooses to write about the neurotoxin nano-aluminum, one of the main ingredients of today’s chemtrails. He states in his article that “studies have shown that these particles pass along the olfactory neural tracts, which connect directly to the area of the brain that is not only most affected by Alzheimer’s disease, but also the earliest affected in the course of the disease.”
Aluminum nanoparticles are also very easily absorbed from the GI tract, unlike ordinary aluminum that is usually not absorbed. Because of their small size, the nanoparticles can go through the brain-blood barrier, penetrate cell membranes, and disrupt mitochondria.
Nanoparticles can accumulate in the bone marrow, spleen, lymph nodes, and heart, as reported in “Manufactured Aluminum Oxide Nanoparticles Decrease Expression of Tight Junction Proteins in Brain Vasculature,” published in the Journal of Neuroimmune Pharmacology (December 2008). When inhaled, they inflame the lungs, bringing on asthma or other pulmonary ailments.
In his article, Blaylock predicts an “explosive increase in neurodegenerative diseases occurring in adults and the elderly in unprecedented rates as well as neurodevelopmental disorders in our children” if these cloud projects are not stopped.
The danger to children is the greatest since they are more likely to be outside. Also, they are smaller and not fully developed. Some of the advice from the Stop Spraying California website is to stay inside on chemtrail days, drink lots of water, and eat ice cream.
Chelating foods that flush toxic metals out of our systems such as chlorella and cilantro may help. And remember to keep the immune system in top shape.
Source: http://www.theepochtimes.com/n2/health/nervous-system-damage-from-the-sky-304997.html

Who Controls the FDA?

15 October 2012

Food Adulteration (video)

Food adulteration for economic reasons is very common today and the consumer must beware of the corporate greed that drives it. Here is a discussion of the issue that is very helpful...

12 October 2012

YES to GMO Labeling (video)

Shouldn't GMO foods be labeled as GMO? That way you could decide whether or not you wanted to eat it... 
Vote "YES" on Prop 37 in California

10 October 2012

Would You Buy GMO Food If You Knew? (video)

Californians will decide if they have the right to know 
if the food they buy is GMO or not. 
Right now the FDA says you don't have that right. 
Just eat what gets shoved at you- 
Big Brother knows best as everyone knows. 
As goes Cali, so goes America. Vote 'YES' on Prop 37...

08 October 2012

Join the Army! Help Defeat GMO's

Millions of Little Davids to Slay GMO Goliath! 
Join up now!
Now you can do more than complain about GMO foods- you can help deal the death blow to Monsanto and the rest of the criminals who threaten all Life on Planet Earth!

Join the Non-GMO Click and Send Revolutionary Army

We’re looking to assemble a huge Non-GMO Click and Send Revolutionary Army. If you enlist, your job is simple. Several times a week until the election we will send you an email/post. Immediately pass it on, post it, tweet it, watch the clip, download the podcast, keep the message circulating in all the social media ways you know how.
Join the Non-GMO Click and Send Revolutionary Army 
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07 October 2012

Plan for the Drugging of Every American

Government Sponsored Mind Control In America: The Teen Screen Scam

Dave Hodges
October 6, 2012

Through the former President, George Bush, and the current President, Barack Obama, the government has unleashed a modern day version of the mind control police in America by attacking the psychological well-being of America’s school children and veterans by forcibly incarcerating veterans who are not drinking from the globalists’ Kool-Aid.
On the surface, screening the mental health of children for suicidal tendencies is a noble idea worth pursuing. Yet, when the screening is mandated by the President of the United States and is done without the knowledge and consent of the parents of the children being tested, an eyebrow should be raised. When children, under this program can only be medicated with the most expensive psychiatric drugs which contain 2 to 20 times higher suicide rates and are contraindicated for use by children, all of America should begin to dismantle this unholy marriage of the Police State and the pharmaceutical fraudsters that first, former President Bush, and now President Obama, is trying to force down the throats of America’s children and its latest set of victims, American veterans!
There is an ongoing battle for the psychological health and welfare of America’s children and eventually all Americans, under the New Freedoms Commission (NFC), as it is the eventual intent to screen and  treat, with mind numbing drug, all Americans for mental illness by using criteria designed to elicit false positives. The relatively new mind control programs have commenced with the intent of compelling the mental health testing of all 52 million school children and the 6.5 million adults who walk through doors of every school in America on any given weekday. Acting under the authority of the NFC, all 50 states are mandated to implement compulsory mental health screening. The screening exams are to be administered in kindergarten, fourth and ninth grade. The screening program requires no parental notification and carries the force of law and this program continues unabated to this day. As is the case with vaccinations, the diagnosis and treatment, under the mind control policies of the Bush and Obama administrations will eventually be universal!
In April of 2002, by Executive Order, President George W. Bush convened a 22 member panel which sought to identify policies that could be implemented by all levels of government which would promote successful mental health treatment for all children and adults.
In July of 2003, the NFC formally recommended that schools were in the best position to commence the screening of all Americans beginning with America’s students and school employees. The NFC implemented their recommendations, in November of 2004, with a $20 million dollar appropriation.
Not all Congressmen agreed with President Bush and his desire to screen the mental health of all American schoolchildren, especially without parental notification, including Congressman Ron Paul. Congressman Paul, R-Texas,  is a medical doctor and a member of the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS). Congressman Paul cautions Americans that the most obvious beneficiary of this mental health screening legislation is none other than the omnipresent pharmaceutical industry. The AAPS is also on record as opposing the NFC legislation, which they say will result in mandatory psychological testing of all of America’s school children without parental consent as well placing coercive pressure on parents to needlessly medicate their children with dangerous psychotropic drugs. Congressman Ron Paul attempted to withhold funding for the mandatory mental health screenings as well as requiring parental consent prior to any screening through the introduction of an amendment to the Congressional NFC funding bill. Because of the intense lobbying efforts by Big Pharma, Paul’s proposed amendment was soundly defeated.
The planned testing of America’s school children is being rolled out in two parts. First, a screening process, implemented by TeenScreen, will be used to identify this new group of potential pharmaceutical customers. Secondly, the psychiatric drug-dispensing protocols of Texas Medication Algorithm Project (TMAP) will be utilized to ensure maximum profits by the pharmaceuticals by requiring that the most expensive psychiatric drugs on the market will be prescribed. TMAP attempts to deceive the public by altering the name of the drug dispensing authority in each State. For example, in Illinois, TMAP goes by the name of the Illinois Medication Algorithm Project, or IMAP for short. Same people, same insane policies, slightly different name designed to throw off investigators.
The primary purpose of the NFC and its sole pharmaceutical broker and screener, TeenScreen, is to make certain that only the newest, most expensive drugs are used through adherence to TMAP’s standard of practice for treating mental illness in that State. Once TMAP procedures are adopted by a State, all psychiatrists must comply with the prescribed standard of care. For example, the antipsychotic drug, Haldol, whose patent has expired, costs about 8 cents per pill, or about $2.50 per month, while the controversial antipsychotic, Zyprexa, which is still under patent to Eli Lilly, costs $8 per pill or about $250 per month. The more expensive Zyprexa is listed on the algorithm of treatment by TMAP, the far less expensive drug, Haldol, is not. If price gouging the mental health public was the only crime here, we would have fraud and price fixing, not a scandal to the degree that is presently happening. However, this conspiracy goes much deeper and is much more nefarious.

Several researchers, such as Robert Whitaker and David Healy, have published findings which demonstrate that antipsychotic drugs MAY temporarily reduce psychiatric symptoms in the short term. However, the long term benefits of many psychiatric drugs are highly questionable because of the existing evidence linking the newer family of expensive, antipsychotic drugs to a greater likelihood of destroying the mental and physical health of those persons who take them. In particular, this new class of drugs is reputed to be especially dangerous to younger patients. Furthermore, Dr. Whitaker reports that that the death rate of patients on the newer TMAP drugs, the atypical antipsychotic drugs like Eli Lilly’s Zyprexa, is double that of patients taking the older, cheaper antipsychotic drugs like Haldol. Healy found that the suicide rate for schizophrenics increased 20 times for patients placed under anti-psychotic medication treatment. Healy states that this is a phenomenon which has risen in correlation to the increased use of the new anti-psychotic medications. Healy’s views have received support from the American Hospital Formulary Service Drug Information, which stated that the FDA has determined that antidepressants increase the risk of suicidal ideation and behavior in children and teenagers. Pity the parent who has read this warning, who subsequently comes home from work to find that their child has become the next statistic in an ever growing number of suicidal behaviors which are associated with many of the new antipsychotic medications courtesy of the TeenScreen program.
Why are these newer and more dangerous drugs continuing to be used despite serious questions as to their efficacy? Perhaps the answer lies in the fact that Ely Lilly had several undeniable ties to the Bush family, where George H. W. Bush was once a member of the board of directors. A sample of those who have been on the Eli Lilly payroll includes The National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (a recipient of Eli Lilly funding), former President George Herbert Walker Bush (one-time member of the Eli Lilly board of directors), former CEO of Enron, the late Ken Lay (one-time member of the Eli Lilly board of directors), George W. Bush’s former director of Management and Budget, Mitch Daniels (a former Eli Lilly vice president), George W. Bush’s Homeland Security Advisory Council member, Sidney Taurel (CEO of Eli Lilly).
Not surprisingly, Eli Lilly gave $1.6 million dollars in campaign contributions during the 2000 election. Eighty two percent of this money went to Republicans and George W. Bush. The pharmaceutical and health products industry has spent more than $800 million in federal lobbying and campaign donations at the federal and state levels in the past seven years. No other industry has spent more money to sway public policy during this same period. Public health and welfare be damned, and now, in order to increase their market share, the pharmaceuticals are coming after your children.
Under the auspices of George W. Bush, TMAP originated in Texas and has been exported under the umbrella of the NFC to at least 48 States. Under then-Texas Governor Bush, TMAP was allowed to gain virtual control of the diagnostic and treatment protocols for the Texas mental health and prison systems. It is interesting to note that in 1994, Big Pharma did not contribute one dime to Texas politicians. TMAP surfaced in Texas after the 1994 elections and subsequently, during the 1998 campaigns, it made over 250 contributions totaling $152,000 to candidates running for state office. In 2002, it made more than 400 contributions totaling $384,735, and poured tens of millions more money into Texas state universities which are intimately affiliated with TMAP. President Obama, no less a Big Pharma whore, has received almost $500,000 from these drug pushers and this number is growing by the second. Mitt Romney is lap dancing for the pill pushers as he has taken almost $300,000 from Big Pharma.  And the beat goes on as Big Pharma buys the politicians and the “Do No Harm” credo of the medical profession takes a backseat.
It also appears that a culture of corruption is following the exportation of TMAP to other States. Consider the case of whistleblower, Allen Jones, a former lead investigator at the Pennsylvania Office of the Inspector General (OIG). The Pennsylvania mental health treatment formulary is presently based on TMAP protocols. As the OIG’s lead investigator, Jones uncovered evidence of payments into an “off-the-record (books) account”. The accounts under Jones investigation were cleverly allocated for “educational grants” which were conveniently funded by Pfizer and Janssen Pharmaceuticals. Payments were made from the account to state employees who developed formulary guidelines, which were consistent with the TMAP algorithm whereby the new antipsychotic medications were the only drugs of choice available in the Pennsylvania formulary of psychiatric treatment. This practice resulted in recommending the far more expensive and newer drugs over older, cheaper drugs with proven track records. Jones’ findings clearly showed that the pharmaceutical company, Janssen, had paid honorariums (i.e., legal bribes) to key state officials who held influence over which drugs would be prescribed in state-run prisons and mental hospitals. Instead of being hailed a hero for valiantly performing his role as a public servant, Jones was subsequently fired and escorted from the grounds of the OIG and told not to return. Even Ray Charles could see that the State of Pennsylvania and several of its key officials knowingly and willing participated in a system of political bribery in partnership with the pharmaceuticals. A whistleblower, a true public servant, was steamrolled out of his job for daring to question both the legality and ethics of key State officials. The NFC school based mental health screening programs were implemented in Pennsylvania the year following Jones dismissal.
TeenScreen, created by Laurie Flynn, arose out of the expressed desire of the NFC to test all American school children. There are several problems with this screening instrument. For example, the screening device has a high rate of false positives. The rigor (e.g., measure of reliability and validity, utilization of genuinely representative population samples used in the norming process) of the screening mechanics have also been called into question. Additionally, TeenScreen allows for the use of unsupervised nonprofessionals to both administer and interpret the screening instrument. In an effort to cover their malpractice behinds, TeenScreen is careful to state that the program is not a substitute for clinical evaluation. Despite its self-proclaimed message that TeenScreen has a wonderful diagnostic tool from which to predict suicidal behavior resulting from depression, TeenScreen states that the instrument is not a diagnostic tool. If you had to reread the previous four sentences in order to try to make sense out TeenScreen’s, “doublespeak,” you are not alone. Although the diagnostic tool is not heralded as a clinical tool, the schools which use the TeenScreen tool can still label the child as being emotionally disturbed and this label can follow this child for the rest of their life. Further, school-initiated treatment protocols can be triggered as a result of the findings.
TeenScreen tries to entice teens into the trap of screening, from which they may never escape the clutches of the mental health profession, with promises of pizza coupons and movie tickets in exchange for their “willing” participation. Of course parents can take their children to their psychiatrist of choice and perhaps an alternative and less threatening diagnosis will be offered. Yet, if the child is one of the 40 million Americans that do not have medical insurance, how will their parents afford an expensive second opinion in which a real clinical diagnostic instrument would be used? The NFC, TMAP and TeenScreen represents a thinly veiled attempt to prey upon working class people and their children. Many of these children will undoubtedly become a permanent, chemically-dependent prisoner to the TeenScreen/TMAP system because they lack the options of a gaining a qualified second opinion.
TeenScreen’s website proclaims that they are not associated with any pharmaceutical industry. This is like saying that bullets are not associated with the use of guns. Pfizer contributed $232,000 to TMAP start up and, under George W. Bush, Texas reciprocated and paid Pfizer $233 million in tax dollars for drugs like Zoloft. Janssen Pharmaceuticals contributed $224,000 to TMAP and received a return of $272 million for Risperdal. The Bush’s pharmaceutical golden child, Eli Lilly, won the George W, Bush version of the Texas State pharmaceutical lottery as it only contributed $109,000 and collected over $328 million for Zyprexa. It is clear that the pharmaceutical industry contributed the start up funds for TMAP while receiving a tremendous return on their investment. Screening agent, TeenScreen and the sole medicating agent, TMAP, are implemented in lockstep. Maybe all the people really can be fooled all the time.
In 2002, TeenScreen contracted with the public relations firm of Rabin Strategic Partners to provide each teen in the United States with easy access to this free mental health screening program. Rabin’s marketing efforts have proven to be a huge success. Rabin provided TeenScreen with a 10 year marketing strategy. The marketing plan called for an intense public relations plan including lobbying and advertising in order to expand and implement the plan. TeenScreen’s use of Rabin’s marketing strategy is paying great returns. For example, a 2004 progress report stated, mental health screening programs are now established in 48 states. Further the report added that a total of 19 national groups have approved the screening of our youth’s mental health. Disturbingly, Rabin claims a waiting list of 250 additional Kool-Aid drinking communities which have expressed interest in the screening program.
The lobbying efforts have also paid tremendous dividends as there are three related bills pending in Congress and several state governments are working on plans to spread screening programs statewide. This miraculous market penetration has been achieved in only four short years. TeenScreen currently claims a market penetration in 45 states.
Big Pharma’s DNA permeates the development of the NFC as they cleverly “cook the books” to establish their legitimacy. Through the creation of the pharma-friendly NFC policy supporting “experts”, they have succeeded in greatly expanding the scope of disease while simultaneously narrowing the treatment parameters to a few set of very expensive drugs which produce very dangerous side-effects. Finally, the NFC is supporting shoddy screening and diagnosis in an effort to identify an endless reservoir of potential pharmaceutical customers. For example, one of the questions which appear on TeenScreen is:
1) Have you often felt nervous or uncomfortable when you have been with a group of children or young people – - say, like in the lunchroom at school or a party?
Who has not felt any of these feelings? As a former nationally certified mental health counselor, and an instructor of research and statistical methods, I am left wondering if I was absent from graduate school the day that these types of feelings were declared to be representative of a mental illness or emotional disturbance? If enough yes answers are given, the child may be referred to an “expert” for treatment (i.e., medication) purposes.
TeenScreen attempts to justify its thinly veiled money making machine program as being based on the fact that “700,000 teens are depressed” with the implication being that these children are at great risk of suicide. I would offer a couple of cautions here before taking TeenScreen’s warnings at face value. To obtain a greater number of depressed patients, one merely has to alter the time frame that is being questioned. For example, if a child loses a pet, and spends 3 weeks mourning their loss, do they really need Zoloft, or will they bounce back without the use of mind-numbing and mind-altering drugs? Secondly, it has long been determined that depression is not the best predictor of suicide. Researchers such as Aaron Beck determined, a very long time ago, that hopelessness is the best predictor of suicide. I fail to see where TeenScreen has taken this well established fact into consideration.
It is indeed ironic that the TeenScreen instrument purports to screen for suicide and the TMAP protocols will be dispensing drugs which have been linked to a higher incidence of suicide by its young users as compared to the earlier generation of antipsychotic medications. This simply means that the pharmaceutical fox is watching the proverbial TeenScreen hen house. Euphemisms aside, the pseudoscience of TeenScreen and TMAP represent unadulterated and evil corporate greed for those who are engaging in system of legal bribery for untold amounts of money at the expense of our children’s autonomy and welfare.
With the high level of reported false positive diagnostic rates and serious questions surrounding the safety of the use of the newer psychotropic medications on developing, young brains, how many children will be chemically destroyed before reaching adulthood? What has happened to parental rights? How many children will not be able to obtain health insurance because the questionable labeling practices of TeenScreen which are allowed under the NFC? Loss of parental rights and constitutional guarantees against the deprivation of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness are not the only threats of this cancer which is just beginning to sweep our country like an out of control tsunami.
If we, as adults, submit to this pharmaceutical greed and treachery, then we get the government we deserve. Unfortunately, our children are not able to make the same informed choice. This country was founded on a spirit of civil disobedience. Thus, the answer seems obvious, refuse to participate in this mental health culture of corruption. If we do not capitulate, what is the government going to do, build a fence around the country and call it jail? We needlessly acquiesce every day to the intrusive demands of government as our bank accounts, emails, phone calls are monitored. “Granny” gets goosed and detained by the TSA at the airport in name of national security, meanwhile, we totally leave our borders open to the very terrorists Bush claims to so desperately fear. Government keeps expanding and the citizens keep retreating. But we are not talking about debits, credits, phone calls and terrorism; we are speaking about the welfare of your child! Ultimately, this system of money-making pseudoscience needs your compliance to work. Look the intimidators in the face and just say NO!
I am not saying that traveling the road of refusal will be easy. Bush and his NFC cronies relied on threats, sanctions and intimidation to impose their agenda on all of us and Obama has indefinite detention protocols on his side. It seems like we have forgotten that government is supposed to serve the people, not the other way around. Still, refusing to comply is our best response. However, I wonder if America has become too fat, lazy and cowardly to even protect its own children? If you are not willing to fight for your child on this issue, then you must ask yourself what is your child really worth to you? In amazement, I have watched this scenario unfold in the Illinois Public Schools, through the passage and implementation of the Illinois Mental Health Act, where several schools, covering most of the state, have been implementing TeenScreen and IMAP since 2006. Several Illinois parents have protested, but all seemingly succumbed to the powers that be. Illinois and the rest of the nation needs to grow a spine.
It is not just our children that are under attack from the mind control police. Veterans are being victimized all around the country by the Obama administration who have expanded this medieval approach to mental health care by recently signing an executive order which expands suicide prevention treatment to returning veterans. The new program has worked so well that a former veteran, Brandon Raub, was locked up in a mental health institution against his will, and was not suicidal. He was locked up for an anti-government rant on his Facebook page regarding the fact that 9/11 was an inside job. When one considers the treatment of Raub and other veterans, at the hands of the new mind control police, this begs the traditional question, with friends like these, who needs enemies?
John Whitehead, lead attorney for the Rutherford Institute, has stated that many veterans are disappearing for expressing similar views. Does this remind anyone else of the old Soviet Union when they deemed political dissent as “political schizophrenia” when the Soviets had the first version of the National Defense Authorization Act and just disappeared people who disagreed with the government? This may be hard for some to accept, but when one comes realize that the government has been hijacked by bankers who are using traditional Soviet style tactics to eradicate the last vestiges of American civil liberties, the game plan becomes readily apparent.
A drugged up population is a mind controlled population which poses no danger to the globalists plans to depopulate the human herd and the first steps involve keeping as many people as possible in a zombie state by drugging as many of our children, as possible, out of their mind. A drugged up veteran population is the first line of defense against a tyrannical takeover of our government. Drugging as many veterans as possible, who do not espouse the globalists “company line”, is the first step toward stripping America’s first line of defense against this takeover.
If your child’s school district insists on playing the role of the thought police, then change schools. If every school in your State is hell bent on biochemically castrating your child’s brain, then home school your child. If the Department of Education outlaws home schooling, then be willing to go to jail. News flash: Your children do not belong to the government and Big Pharma! Your children look to you, their parents, to protect them from evils like the ones discussed here. I can unequivocally state that TeenScreen and the Big Pharma will never get their hands on my son. Not now, not ever! Can you say the same for your child? For the good of your children, sign this petition and then distribute this article to your family, friends, neighbors, local school board members and your elected representatives. When TeenScreen and TMAP debut in your community, what will you parents do?
Veterans, America will soon need you to defend the home front from these monsters. In the near future, when you are deemed to be mentally ill for not embracing totalitarianism, and they come for you, what will you do?