22 February 2010

The Ultimate Survival Kit (video)

Is the hoop house the ultimate survival kit?
If survival means haveing food in production year round on a small amount of land or roof that you control then the answer is an emphatic yes. Nothing else makes sense. How are you going to store up enough food to last until somebody else grows some more and then sees to it that you get some? That's like secretly hoping that this system which is about to fall will somehow revive and come back to feed us like it always did. To me the hoop house urban farm system is how we are going to do what the Honorable Elijah Muhammad told us to do - get our mouth out of somebody else's kitchen! So hoop house agriculture is right on our level. Anybody can do it with very little money and very little training. In exchange you get to grow your own food and you get to eat it and sell and surplus that you may have. That is a beautiful system of doing things.
The following video short is from the bulletin board at Muhammad Mosque No. 23 in Buffalo where the Believers helped to build a hoop house and introduced it to me. I have been on fire with enthusiasm ever since.
Enjoy. Learn. Share.

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