07 February 2010

What are Chem Trails?

I first noticed 'chem trails' in late 1999. I wanted to know what they were. It was clear that something was going on over my head and I noticed that it affected my health and the health of people around me. People started coughing and sneezing after chem trails appeared in the sky. As part of my investigation, I called government agencies and all I got was the same story: these are just the vapor trails from jet planes. They must have thought I was a vapor head to believe that. But these are not vapor trails. These 'chem trails' linger and then coalesce into cloud cover, sometimes with rainbow effects. Reports have circulated about what they contain: barium, soy bean oil, red blood cells and other organic material, etc. To date there is no definitive explanation of what they are, why they are being sprayed all over the world and who authorized it and who benefits from it. Is this weather modification to reflect sunlight back into space? Chemical and biological weapons to harm people?

Don't you want to know? Don't you need to know?

Here are two informative videos about the subject,

but they do not answer all the outstanding questions.

Enjoy. Learn. Share.

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