19 February 2010

Doritos Kid Slaps Big Old Man

'Many a truth is spoken in jest' and 'out of the mouths of babes' are two old saying that get combined at the same time in this TV commercial that aired during the Super Bowl. Whether it is funny or not, you decide. But what is the 'truth' that it reveals? The ad is for Doritos, one of the most refined artificial and dangerous so-called snack foods there is. Why dangerous? Because of the high level of the excito-toxin MSG that they contain. Excito-toxins are chemicals that cause brain cells to go crazy and can be an immediate cause of rage and violent outbursts, especially if combined with other excito-toxins such as aspartame
- or even just sugar!
Eat such things if you want to, feed it to your children if you want to,
but you just might get slapped!

Enjoy. Learn. Share.

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