02 November 2009

Four Doctors Dead In Ukraine!

Urgent News Flash

Authorities are expressing the gravest concern over recent explosve events in the Ukraine related to the out break of severe, fatal respiratory illness linked to H1N1 in young adults and health care workers. This is the latest report from Dr Henry Nieman who is tracking the global epidenmic via his web site Recombinomics. This is a rapidly escalating story with monstrous implications for us all. See my previous post just a few minutes ago for background details and why you should be concerned.

H1N1 Doctor Deaths In Ukraine Raise Concerns

November 1, 2009

Four doctors died of flu in Ukraine's Ternopol and Lvov regions, Health Minister Vasily Knyazevich said at the Sunday meeting of the operative headquarters for the prevention and treatment of A/H1N1 flu.The above comments describe the death of four health care workers (HCWs) at two sites in western Ukraine. The government website shows a total of 53 deaths (see map), which is quite low if four HCWs have already died. HCW are trained in methods to minimize infections from patients, and they are likely to get prompt medical attention, yet four have already died. These numbers add to the confusion in Ukraine.Initial reports denied the outbreak was due to H1N1 even though there was virtually no seasonal flu circulating in Europe (or North America). The explosion in cases of acute respiratory illness (ARI), in view of the exploding H1N1 pandemic throughout the northern hemisphere, would signal involvement in the cases in Ukraine.However, even after H1N1 was confirmed in influenza and ARI patients in western Ukraine, Kiev was still maintaining that the cases there were not H1N1, even though 300,000 doses of Tamiflu are scheduled to arrive today, and a WHO investigative team is scheduled to arrive tomorrow.The denials of H1N1 in obvious cases raise concerns that the number of fatalities is markedly higher that the 53 acknowledged, especially when 4 of the 53 are HCWs.More details on the HCW deaths and on those hospitalized would be useful.Media Links
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~ Reuben Muhammad ~ said...

Salaam! Thank you for this update, Bro. Alim!

May I suggest (for all who may be interested) as a "visual aid" to grasping the reality of this problem, the movie "V for Vendetta"...?

Too often, "non-confront" (denial) is the response of the masses to life-threatening situations on such a large scale.

This has to change...


Alim said...

As salaam alaikum
Bro Reuben you are so right. That is a very good film in some respects to show what mass actions can do in an aroused population. The remarkable thing now is how unaroused and unarousable most people seem to be. They may just be drugged on TV, bad food, and other 'real' drugs. Too numb to react. We have to change that if we want to survive.