11 November 2009

One Million Flu Cases in Ukraine!

Presumed swine flu cases continue to explode exponentially in the Ukraine and is now spilling over into Belarus and Bulgaria. This epidemic in Ukraine looks very much like the historical accounts of the 1918 Spanish Flu.

What's really going on?

WHO continues to hide vital information about possible changes in gene sequences of H1N1


could this be an entirely different virus altogether!

Get ready and stay ready with your flu prevention.

Reported Ukraine Cases Top One Million

Recombinomics Commentary 18:41November 9, 2009

1,031,597 Influenza/ARI

52,742 Hospitalized

174 Dead

The latest update for Ukraine includes more than 1 million reported cases (see map). The fatalities have jumped from 155 to 174 and almost 53K have been hospitalized. The biggest jump in fatalities was in Lviv, where reported deaths rose from 63 to 74. However, the largest jump in cases was in Kiev, raising concerns that the infections were spreading east.The increase in cases and deaths continue to support a genetic change in the H1N1 virus. However, there have been no updates on samples which were sent to London over a week ago. The sequence silence continues to increase concerns that the large number of cases and deaths in Ukraine is linked to changes, which may involve the receptor binding domain in general and position 225 in particular.

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