05 November 2009

The Isle of Patmos Today

"I, John, from the Isle of Patmos..."
We know that John the Revelator is none other than Yakub. Patmos is the island of exile for Yakub and his followers more than 6000 years ago. We only have knowledge of this because of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad who revealed the secret origin of this world and people.
Here is a modern look at this ancient place of significance to world history.
Enjoy, learn and share.

Once, while travelling in Turkey, I almost made it to Patmos in the Aegian Sea. However, Patmos is a part of Greece and we needed visas in order to go and then return back to Turkey. This we did not have, so all we could do was gaze over the sea and imagine what it might have been like. Now we know. It's a real place- in fact a place of pilgrimage.


tnjmhmmd said...

Wow! What a great slide show this is!!! I showed this to some of the children, mine included, who were fascinated to see this place today-being very familiar with the island's history, of course. Thank you so much!

Patmos island greece said...

Nice video. Dodecanese Islands is a located in south east of Greece. Dodecanese Islands is in three categories such as Northern, Central and Southern Dodecanese. Patmos Island is one of the Northern Dodecanese Islands. Here climate is also very nice In the month of august most of tourist visit. There are many attractions such as port of Skala, Skala is the Kambos village, church of the Annunciation, Kambos beach, Cave of Apocalypse.

Thomas Braylen said...

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