04 November 2009

HIV Brought to US in Contaminated Vaccine

Merck Vaccine Chief Admits Guilt!

So, you see, there really is no mystery of how HIV was introduced into certain populations in the USA. Well, it's no different today. The hypodermic syringe is a bio-weapon delivery system to make sure the weapon reaches the intended target. In this case, it is always necessary to first do an 'artillary bombardment' of fear, disinflrmation, hysteria and government coersion to induce in the population an artificial 'demand' for the vaccine. You have to be psychologically manipulated into rolling up your sleeve.

So, pay attention to what is taking place in Ukraine. But do not expect that the whole picture will come into focus until it is too late. By looking at what happened in the past, we may have a chance to avoid the trap that is set for us today, by the enemy to us all.

Remember, Congress has 'vaccinated' Big Pharma by passing laws that make the pharmaceutical companies 'immune' to criminal responsibility. You can not sue them, no matter what they do. They are above the law and have a license to commit mass murder.

Apply the lessons of history to right now and act accordingly.

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~ Reuben Muhammad ~ said...


"And the devil will say, when the matter is decided...'I had no power over you except that I called you, and you obeyed me. So blame me not, but blame yourselves...'"
-Holy Qur'an