05 November 2009

Swine Flu Cases Quadruple in Afghanistan

Another swine flu hot spot emerging in war-torn Afghanistan. The following report show majority of cases in foreigners- probably because native Afghans don't have access to health care, and remember, the diagnosis of H1N1 requires high-tech equipment. Remember, most States in the US can't make the diagnosis and relied upon sending specimens to the CDC in Atlanta, until they stopped all H1N1 testing! So we really don't know what the reality is on the ground. But this report gives some indication that all is not well.

Flu cases quadruple among Afghans

Reuters KABUL, Nov 4 (Reuters) -

The number of Afghans infected by the deadly H1N1 virus has more than quadrupled in two days, a health ministry official said on Wednesday. Seven more people have also been killed by the virus since the first death was recorded last week, public health ministry spokesman Farid Raaid said.To curb the flu's spread, the government declared a health emergency on Monday and ordered all schools closed for three weeks as part of measures against the virus.Some 350 positive cases of H1N1 -- 273 of which are among foreigners -- were recorded by Sunday, but the figure doubled to almost 700 by late Tuesday, Raaid said.The government has launched a massive public awareness programme about taking preventative measures in the war-ravaged country where illiteracy is high and health facilities are basic.The government has enough vaccine on hand for 50, 000 people, but hoped to receive 1 million doses from the World Health Organisation, Raaid said.

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