23 November 2009

The Strange Case of Joseph Moshe

As readers of this blog know, Joseph Moshe, an Israeli-US dual citizen and Mossad agent, issued a warning in August concerning an alleged bio-weapon manufactured by Baxter Labs to be detonated in the Ukraine. Well, to be sure, something has exploded in the Ukraine in the last month or so. Is this the bio-weapon warned of by Joseph Moshe? We don't know. We do know it is strange, strange, strange and there is an almost complete media blackout of a story that you would think would merit day by day coverage. An explosive upsurge in a deadly hemorrhagic version of the flu, a la the 1918 Spanish Flu, replete with all the genetic fixings of that ancient killer virus. Now comes an even stranger wrinkle - according to a European source, Joseph Moshe is being held in a mental hospital in the US and has a court date in January. According to earlier reports he was deported to Israel. So what's the truth? If he is here, shouldn't he be further interviewed to see if he has any credible basis for his earlier threats? What does he say now in light of what has in fact unfolded in the Ukraine?

RELATED: THE STRANGE CASE OF JOSEPH MOSHEAccording to Europe Business Blog: "Joseph Moshe, the dual national (Israeli-American) Mossad biowar expert, who was attacked and seized by Federal Agents and LAPD in mid-August in California, after speaking to Dr. True Ott on his national radio show and warning of a plot by Baxter International to spread a Plague from Baxter's Ukrainian lab, IS BEING HELD IN THE PATTON STATE MENTAL HOSPITAL IN CALIFORNIA. Next Court Date is 01/25/2010............

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