11 November 2009

Swine Flu Update-Urban Journal Interview (video)

As salaam alaikum
Here is the latest update interview on the evolving swine flu pandemic, with special attention on Ukraine where more than 1 million infections have occurred in about a week, with tens of thousands of hospitalizations, and hundreds of deaths reported. Martial law has been declared.
We should keep ours eyes on Ukraine and Belarus and other global hot-spots for an early indication of what may be on the way to us here in the US.
Prepare now and stay prepared.

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Khadija Muhammad said...

Greetings Bro. Alim,

I thank you so much for your continued effort to inform our people of the truth of this bio-weapon that the devil is attempting to unleash all over the globe. As scary as the reports on television, radio and internet are, I know within my heart that there is only ONE GOD and He will exact justice on this wicked people and land in His own good time, as we have been taught. As The Honorable Elijah Muhammad has said, it is a time to pray for (the removal of the devil).

It's funny that your reports are about the Ukraine because I was just reading about there only being 155 cases of swine flu in the Ukraine. Certainly not the numbers you have been reporting...I've also read that WHO (World Health Organization) are urging doctors to give so-called anti-viral drugs to pregnant women and other at-risk groups as soon as they show clinical symptoms of swine flu, and to NOT wait for lab confirmation of the disease before prescribing said antivirals!

I will keep up with your postings and thank you for adding me to your e-mail. I will pass along any and all information to help get the truth out there. May Allah continue to bless us all as we strive to help raise the dead to life!


Sister Khadija Nadirah Muhammad
Muhammad's Mosque #15
Atlanta, Georgia