10 March 2010

CDC Claims 57 Million Flu Cases - Huh?

Don't forget, the CDC under the direction of WHO stopped the laboratory confirmation of flu cases in the middle of the 'great swine flu pandemic of 2009' back in July! That means all reports of 'swine flu cases' have no scientific basis since that time. It's like playing tennis without a net - it's easier to win that way - there is no standard to meet.

At the same time, the CDC is ignoring the the two deadly mutations of the H1N1 that have occurred around the world which seem to be responsible for the majority of the fatal cases.

So why is the CDC acting so stupid?

Maybe they have flu on the brain - or it's all about ensuring profits for the big drug makers who are shipping the millions of unused flu vaccines over seas to third world countries.

These vaccines going to Africa and elsewhere will be labeled 'foreign aid' but all the money will go to the pharmaceutical companies which are, as we know, too big to fail - even at math.

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CDC Claims 57 million Swine Flu Cases - Where's the Proof?

By William Campbell Douglas MD

CDC fails at math The feds are still squealing over swine flu -- but no matter how loud they oink, their numbers just don't add up. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention declared that 57 million Americans have come down with swine flu -- and their media lap dogs (or are they now pigs?) just ate it up. I saw that big number repeated in headlines everywhere as if that were a fact and not a completely made-up number. Oink, oink. But that's just what it is -- a story as true as those Babe the Pig movies. If someone can prove to me that 57 million Americans actually came down with swine flu, I'll trade my lab coat for overalls and take up hog farming. I mean it... but it's not going to happen. The truth is, no one knows how many swine flu cases there were, not even the math whizzes at the CDC. That 57 million figure is just the midpoint of a massive estimate range that claims up to 84 million Americans may have had swine flu. They may as well say it was between 1 and 300 million. Remember, the feds stopped counting swine flu cases in July -- they actually told state and local health authorities to stop testing for it and stop tracking it. It's better than burning evidence -- because they prevented the evidence from ever existing in the first place. Now, they can throw around any number they want without having to worry that the truth might someday come out and squeal on them. All we know for certain -- and this is based on real data from the CDC and state health departments -- is that only a tiny fraction of the suspected H1N1 cases that were sent to labs for confirmation actually turned out to be swine flu, or even any kind of flu at all. Most people just had a bad cold. Yet the feds keep pushing this myth that Americans should STILL rush out and get swine flu shots... hinting darkly at the possibility of a "third wave." If it's as "bad" as the first or second wave, you can safely keep your sleeve down... because this undercooked bacon is already cold.

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