13 March 2010

Benefits of Brocolli

The Benefits of Brocolli

Make pancreatic cancer the scariest disease you never got by eating more of this bumpy green veggie: broccoli.
Seems that flavonol-rich diets could reduce your risk of pancreatic cancer by up to 23 percent, according to a recent study. And broccoli's got heaps of the compound.
Fill Up on FlavonolsFlavonols are talented little substances found not only in broccoli but also in lots of other fruits and veggies, like apples, onions, and kale. And these compounds help fight cancer on many fronts. First, they ramp up your body's detox machinery, purging dangerous carcinogens from your system. Next, flavonols help prevent cancer cells from growing and dividing. And as if that weren't enough, flavonols encourage cancer cells to self-destruct, too. (
Find out how broccoli helps protect your voice.)
All in the FamilyQuercetin is one of the best known flavonols, but there are many others. And together they are part of the bigger flavonoids family, a mighty clan of antioxidants with potent anticancer powers. Pack more cancer-fighting flavonols into your diet with help from these quick and delicious side dishes from EatingWell.

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