11 March 2010

True Health Care Reform Would Include a Public Option (video)

There probably is no hope that true and effective health care reform will ever take place in America.
The controlling big insurance companies and their pals Big Pharma won't have it. They like their extremely profitable monopoly.
And make no mistake about it: FOR THE LIFE OF YOU, THEY WILL NOT GIVE IT UP!
They will have their pound of flesh.
The whore house in Washington called Congress is full of 'ladies of ill-repute' who have been bought and paid for and as 'honest businesses persons' are giving the John what the John paid for.
And the John did not pay for true health care reform.
The following video shows what could be done quite easily and quite simply even under these circumstances. IF there were just a little decency on Capital Hill - and there's not- we could get something like Congressman Grayson of Florida is proposing. Will we get it? Not if the whores have to get it done. They are just not up to the task.
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