05 March 2010

Fluoride is a Poison

Is fluoride in drinking water a good idea?
Any form of mass medication is harmful to a lot of people.
This is for the simple reason that we exist as individuals, not as a mass, and we are all individually different. Therefore, we have needs and patterns of needs that are highly individualized. One size cannot fit all.
Mass medication efforts, like fluoride and vaccinations, always violate individual rights and are usually imposed by the force and power of government in a coercive way. With mass medication of a population 'informed consent' goes out the window. An individuals free will is not recognized. The sovereign right to say "No" is ignored. The following article shows some of the terrible consequences of fluoride in the water in India. It should be clear that the same thing is taking place here. Who decided that you needed to be fluoridated and why?
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Fluoride Poisons Children in Jharkhand, India

Fluoride poisoning from groundwater in India's eastern state of Jharkhand is causing serious health problems for villagers.

In Chukru village the people are suffering from acute dental and skeletal disorders, and it's been that way for a long time.

Yellowed teeth and bone deformities develop as soon as children reach the age of five.

Ten-year-old Babulal Ram has severe limb deformities.

[Babulal Ram, Child Poisoned by Fluoride]:
"Due to the contaminated water here we are suffering a lot … We want that clean drinking water should be provided to us so that we stay healthy."

Most villagers have discolored teeth and suffer acute joint pain, particularly in the knees.

There's a growing number of physically deformed children being born in the village.

[Sushil Kumar Singh, Villager]:
"For a long time we have been suffering because of fluorosis … This problem is just increasing day by day. We want something done about it but nothing is happening."

Fluorosis is also causing cataracts, premature ageing, calcified spinal ligaments, softened bones, and other degenerative conditions, such as spinal stenosis.

The Chukru village district administration says they've put in a pipeline to the Koel River to supply clearner drinking water.

[Amlendu Kumar, Executive Engineer]:
"The whole village has been affected by fluoride. That is why in Chukru village a pipeline is connected to the river. The river has less amount of fluoride. The pipeline works almost all the time as long as there is electricity."

The fluoride concentration of water samples from Palamu district ranges up to 600% higher than normal levels.

7. Guest 2010-03-05 13:35
Is this village an experiment to see the effects of flouride poisoning run by the CIA, FDA, etc, etc, financed by Soros? Rockerfeller? Rothchild?
6. Slipmatwax 2010-03-05 12:02
IdolsHave NoPow - That is a totally ignorant thing to state - I would have to guess you are from the "Western" world where everything you pray for you get and where your "Gods" listen to your prayers
5. richard Lefew 2010-03-05 10:29
I use a good reverse Osmosis filter to eliminate that garbage from my water supply. It works. Cost about 250.00. I'd gladly donate one to this people. I hate fluoride. I can taste it.
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