16 March 2010

Vaccination Bribery

This story is from the UK, but you better believe the same thing could happen here at a mall near you. Teen age girls are the target for the dangerous yet ineffective vaccine Gardasil, the most expensive vaccine ever. How do you get them to roll up their sleeves to get the shot? You bribe them! You offer them the 'incentive' of a $70 gift certificate! This is immoral and unethical and it should be illegal.
Forced Mass Medication is Wrong!!!

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Government Bribes Teens to Get Vaccinated

Crooked campaign hits mall-loving teens Forget shady strangers and bags of candy... the biggest threat to our daughters and granddaughters comes from health officials armed with mall gift certificates. In one of the most irresponsible government programs I've ever heard of, clinics in Birmingham, England, are bribing teenage girls to get vaccinated. Believe it or not, they're offering girls up to $70 in "Love2Shop" mall vouchers in exchange for getting one of the most dangerous vaccines ever approved: Gardasil. They call this an incentive; I call it physical assault on a minor. They want a pat on the back; I want them pat down and tossed in jail. And if, as a parent, you don't like it... tough. In Jolly Old England, your daughter doesn't need your permission to get vaccinated... so you'll only find out when she comes home showing off her new earrings... or when you get a call from the emergency room after she suffers one of this dangerous drug's many side effects. I've been crusading against Gardasil from Day One. The media calls it a "cervical cancer vaccine," but don't be fooled by this fancy nickname. This vaccine doesn't protect against cervical cancer -- it protects against certain forms of HPV, an STD that can cause cervical cancer. It's far from 100 percent effective, and it's even farther from 100 percent safe. But do you expect these teenage girls to know that? Do you think they're going to go home and do the research before accepting their shopping bribe? Sadly, most of them have no clue that Gardasil has been linked to dozens of deaths and thousands of reactions ranging from anaphylactic shock and grand mal seizures to coma and paralysis. Some girls have come down with the incurable nerve disorder Guillian-Barre Syndrome after getting vaccinated, as I've warned before. And according to a stomach-turning report I found in the Daily Mail, officials in Britain are already talking about expanding the Birmingham mall scheme nationwide. If you think this won't happen here, you're only partly right. Health officials might not be bribing girls at shopping malls, but the approach they're taking could be far more devastating. Big Pharma is hard at work pressuring local officials across the country into making HPV vaccines a requirement for school. The worst part is that all of this hoopla is over something that's completely preventable. Vaccine or no vaccine, the only surefire 100 percent effective means of preventing HPV infection is abstinence. You can't spread a sexually transmitted virus without sex. It's as simple as that.

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