21 January 2010

What's In That Health Care Bill?

I must here and now confess that I am less than well informed about the pending Health Reform legislation currently before Congress. The whole 'debate' has been confusing and mostly behind closed doors with deals being cut with who know who and for what reasons. Murky reports do come on a consistent basis in the media, but no clarity as to what is what and how much the whole thing will cost. It has been clear that the government mandated insurance will go in everybody's pocket whether you want what they are selling or not. That sounds like fascism to me. We wonder who has actually read the bill which stretches into the thousands of pages. Maybe the victory by the Republican candidate in Mass. will throw and monkey wrench into the Health Reform Bill juggernaut underway in the Congress. Below is the best short summary of some of the provision of the bill that I have seen. I can not verify the interpretations given, but at least the video is raising the right questions. We should and must demand answers.

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