02 January 2010

Planting God's Garden

In Genesis 2:8-9, we read: "The LORD God planted a garden eastward in Eden, and there He put the man whom He had formed. And out of the ground the LORD God made every tree grow that is pleasant to the sight and good for food."

As modern sophisticated people we are a long way from the Garden that God planted eastward of Eden. We have been reared in such a way that if we witnessed God planting a garden we would have a tendency to disrespect and disregard the meaning and importance of that act. We would perhaps have a hard time believeing that that actually could be God. On His hands and knees! In the dirt! After all, we all know, don't we, that God is not on the Earth, He's in Heaven.
And we doubt very seriously that there are Gardens in Heaven.
Certainly, most of us would feel not the least bit attracted to the hard dirty sweaty work of the Garden. We might even feel that such work is beneath us, as in:
That's what the illegal aliens are for - to replace the negro slaves and sharecroppers!
We certainly have better things to do, and besides, I just got my nails done!
On the other hand, if it just occurred to you that we who are in 'the image and after the likeness' of God, should actually be doing exactly what God has done, then you are immediately confronted with this question:
What seeds did God use to plant His garden?
Well, we don't think He bought them from Monsanto, that's for sure. Therefore, we need to find seeds that are directly descendant from the original seeds used to plant the original garden. That way we are sure that we are getting what God intended for us to get from His Garden. After all, the Garden was to have been the source of the food for Adam, so that Adam could do the Will of God. That was the plan, but you know what happened. The devil's first trick deceived the Man and got him to eat the wrong food. Eating the wrong food made Adam and Eve incapable of doing the Work God to fulfill God's Will.

That is called the fall of Adam and they had to leave the Garden and God's Food behind. So now we want to know: Is it possible, after so many years, for us to re-plant the Garden? Can we duplicate from where we are in 2010 what God did eastward of Eden so long ago? In other words, have we had enough of the wrong food and the sickness and death that it has brought to us?

The answer is yes! The solution for many of us is something called The Hoop House. It is a way to plant a garden anywhere at any time of the year to grow our own food just like God intended. The hoop house concept is being promoted by Will Allen of Milwaukee. Later this week, I and Bro John from Baltimore will be visiting with Bro Will to learn all about how to start a hoop house garden. We intend to share everything we learn with you so that hoop house gardens start to sprout up everywhere.
Where to get your seeds? Click the link at the bottom. It is still not too late to get good seeds that might not be too far off from the original ones used by God in the beginning.
Want to know more about hoop house gardening? Go to: http://www.growingpower.org/

Enjoy. Learn. Think. Act. Share

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