21 January 2010

Cuba to the Rescue!

Bright spark of hope in Haiti.
The following video footage shows what real help looks like. Cuba and Spain are working together and they have set up the most advanced and efficient emergency response hospital in all of Haiti. While the superpowers of the world seem to like to tie themselves up in bureaucratic knots and get nothing done, the Cubans have hit the ground running and are getting the job done. The world needs to take a lesson from their good example, so we can forget the bitter memories of Katrina and the scandalous seeming indifference that is occurring now. We don't need George W and Bill Clinton in charge.
What a sick joke they are.
Viva Fidel!
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JayVon said...

Praise be to Allah! That was awesome... And it made my day! We need more coverage like this on the news. I have been watching CNN for days and haven't heard anything about this.

Mu'min said...

All praise is due to Allah! A little nation of Cuba shows us what health-care reform looks like! You'll never see it on oligarchy news: CBS, ABC, NBC or Fox!............... that would require humility and that's something they just don't have!