22 January 2010

Raw Milk - Purest Source of Water

So study after study is showing the same thing - America's water supply is contaminated. Bottled water is a scam and before long water may be completely privatized and available only to those with the money to buy it at prices that are astronomical. My wife's favorite water sells for no less than $1.39 per liter, and has been known to go as high as $1.89 per liter. That's around $5.60 a gallon! Water is almost twice the price of gasoline with no guarantee that it is safe and pure! What about filters? Some of the ultra filters may be good, but they are also expensive and may be prone to failure over time. Even if you have your own well or spring that does not mean that chemicals and pathogens have not leached into your well from surrounding areas. The government is useless and can be counted on to do just what they are doing - nothing. If Obama really wanted to get people back to work, he could announce a campaign to re-build the water infra-structure throughout the country rather than bailing out the banks. How can the country survive without adequate safe water?

Here's one solution that is very helpful. As a person increases the percentage of the diet that comes from raw milk, the need for water goes down. Raw milk is 89% water! So someone who drinks a quart or more of raw milk is getting most of the water needed for a day. Milk drinkers need less water to begin with because most of the water used everyday by the body is to help dilute food in the intestinal tract and to produce the digestive juices so that what we eat can be broken down and assimilated. Milk is already dilute and basically digests itself. You don't need extra water to do that.

Not only that, but the water that is contained in milk is very pure. The water in milk is the water that was in the grass eaten by the cow. Rainwater falls from the clouds in a very pure distilled form to water the grass. This already pure water is further filtered and purified through the soil and the root system of the growing green grass. After the cow eats the grass the water in the grass undergoes further purification and highly significant energetic enhancement and restructuring as it is processed through the body of the cow and emerges as an ultra-filtrate in the udder as pure milk!
How could Allah in the Holy Qur'an refer to milk as a pure drink unless every component of it is purified, the largest component being its water?
So drink up. Once again milk proves over and over again
that it really is one of God's greatest miracles.
Enjoy. Learn. Share.
What's inside dirty U.S. drinking water?
By WC Douglas MD
A New York Times investigation found that more than 62 million Americans have been exposed to substandard drinking water since 2004. There are hundreds -- maybe even thousands -- of dangerous contaminants in our water, yet only 91 of them are regulated by the government. During the past decade, there hasn't been a single addition to the list of chemicals regulated by the Safe Drinking Water Act -- and much of this law has been unchanged since the 1980s. Regulators aren't just asleep at the wheel -- they've driven us off the road, over a cliff and into a filthy reservoir. In one city, the local water department had to abandon 40 percent of all municipal wells in one area because of contamination. This didn't happen in some backwater town, or next door to a single big factory. Nope... according to the Times, this happened in Los Angeles -- our second -- largest city. If these same contaminants were turning up in food, there would be outrage... and probably a Congressional investigation. But since the problems were CAUSED by our own listless government and its big industry pals, you rarely hear a peep about it. Any attempt to cut down on the chemicals in our water is met with aggressive lobbying from powerful industries. The best thing you can do is to buy yourself a reverse-osmosis water filter and install it not at the sink, but where the water enters your home -- because believe me, you don't even want to shower in this stuff. I didn't need the stunning new report in the New York Times to tell me how bad the problem is -- I've been warning my readers about this for years. If you want to read more of the nauseating truth, read my special report on the dangers found in your drinking water.

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Bro. Vernon said...

ASA Bro Alim

I thank Allah for you & for what you do. These are excellent insights on bottled water and raw milk.

I've been contemplating making the switch from bottled water to a filtration system for the house.

How does one go about getting Raw Milk?

Bro. Vernon