16 April 2010

Mommy Goes Shopping

When you go shopping do you actually know what you are buying?
You might think you know - cause you always read the label - but the reality is you actually can't know! You are just hoping that what you are buying is the good wholesome food that you know you need.
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not require full labelling on food. You are probably eating genetically engineered food and don't realize it because no labelling is required.
Here's a tip that will help a little: never buy anything that has a label, a list of ingredients, comes in a package, has a pretty picture, makes health claims and is advertised on TV.
Real food is not a manufactured product. Real food is a Creation of God.
The best tip: Grow your own.
Second best tip: Buy food from people who grow it (farmers) not from corporations that are 'artificial persons' who do not have to eat food. Corporations are only interested in profits, not human nutrition.
Enjoy. Learn. Share.

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