05 April 2010

How The Meat Gets to Your Table (video)

This video shows where the meat products that you consume come from.
Nobody can tell you what to eat, but you should not hide from the reality of how the meat gets to your plate and into your stomach.
The meat and dairy industries are cruel and inhumane to the animals they exploit for the profits they extract from their human customers who usually have no idea about
how what they are eating was produced.
So watch this video to the end and then order a Big Mac.
If we want meat then it has to be produced in a lawful manner.
Take a special note that the milk produced as shown here is the kind that goes to the big dairy companies and is found pasteurized and homogenized in the corporate super markets. Raw milk, cheese, and butter, along with free range eggs come from cows and chickens raised on open natural pasture , the natural food and life style of these creatures.
Before you buy raw milk or eggs take the time to visit the farm and meet the farmer and let him introduce you to the cows and chickens. Inspect their living conditions.
If there is any sign of abuse walk away.

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