06 June 2012

Raw Milk: Dr Mercola Interviews Mark McAfee (video)

One of most controversial subjects in American life today is the issue of milk- specifically, raw milk. Some times the dialogue gets brutal to the point that government health departments deploy SWAT teams to arrest helpless Amish farmers merely for doing what they have done for hundreds of years- raising clean healthy cows and making their pure raw milk available to the public. 
Raw milk producers are sometimes harassed and treated worse than drug pushers. Despite and unmatched safety record raw milk is ranted and raved about as those it is as dangerous as plutonium. 90 million food borne illnesses occur in the US each year, 70% due to contaminated fruits and vegetables and poultry; none caused by raw milk, but it is raw milk that gets attacked by authorities. 
Here is a full length interview with the largest raw milk producer in the State of California whose Organic Pastures Dairy Farm has be shut down numerous times by state officials who evidently have a vendetta against raw milk despite its stellar record of safety.

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