06 June 2012

FDA Admits 100,000 Prescription Drug Deaths A Year

by Jon Rappoport
May 23, 2012

Six days ago, I broke a story about the FDA. On one of its own web pages, the agency admits that medical drugs kill 100,000 Americans a year.

Of course, none of those drugs would have reached the public, if the FDA had ruled them out as dangerous. The FDA is the single entity responsible for certifying medical drugs as safe and effective. On its web page, the FDA neglected to mention that fact.

Imagine this. You go to an FBI web page and read the following: “Murders committed by FBI agents are the third leading cause of homicides in America every year.”

Wouldn’t that set off alarm bells? Wouldn’t there be a public outcry? Wouldn’t the the press go crazy with the story?

Yet somehow, the FDA gets away with its crimes, its homicides. There are no alarm bells, no arrests, no hearings, no public statements, no press reactions, no shakeups at the Agency.

It’s a miracle.

As I’ve been saying and writing for a decade now, the power of the medical cartel is gigantic.

When I was running for a Congressional seat from the 29thDistrict of California, in 1994, and during my participation in the Health Freedom movement of that period, I insisted we had to take the attack to the FDA. We had to make their crimes public.

I was told by the people who were leading the charge for Health Freedom that priority had to be given to passing a law that would protect us all from attacks on nutritional supplements. Then, when we had that law, we could think about going after the FDA.

Well, we got the law, which only gave us temporary protection, and afterward, there was no “going after the FDA.” It was suddenly a dead issue.

I remember the people who said, “Don’t attack the FDA.” I remember their attitudes, their faces, their words. They were not my friends, and they weren’t your friends. Some of them were yuppies selling “let’s be nice” New Age sentiment. A few were most likely plants who had infiltrated the Health Freedom movement to water it down.

Various liars sell their lies through various strategies.

I assure you, there are doctors out there who know the statistics on medically caused death in the US. They know about the drugs that kill. They know what’s going on. They know the FDA is accountable. They remain silent. They feel no pressure to make a public statement. They’re living under the umbrella of protection provided by the government and the press and the medical system. These doctors are silent witnesses to ongoing mass murder. Just as the FDA is a silent witness to its own mass-murdering practices. And of course, the doctors write the prescriptions for the drugs.

Obama, Bush, Clinton; none of these men have indicated the slightest awareness of the “problem.” Did they know? Do they know? Just as I predicted, correctly, that the FDA knows, I say these men do know. They prefer to remain silent as well. They don’t want to touch this genocidal crime. They don’t have the character or the courage.

Presidents and deans of medical schools know. Teachers at these schools know. Pharmaceutical executives know. Medical researchers know. The CDC knows. The World Health Organization knows. Editors and reporters at major press outlets know. The DEA knows. The US Dept. of Justice knows.

And now, a growing segment of the Internet knows. Will this story, finally, build into an irresistible roar? Or will it again sink back into the shadows?

A Matrix of hypnotic effect and cognitive dissonance is the obstacle. People find it extremely difficult to believe that a federal agency, in broad daylight, year after year, countenances and sustains the unnecessary deaths of 100,000 people per year.

People find it extremely difficult to believe that, were such a story true, they would not have heard about it already.

People want to believe that a crime of this boggling magnitude would already have been prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

People want to believe the secular religion known as Medicine is devoted to healing in all its forms.

People want to believe that, since doctors can put accident victims back together in one piece and can set broken bones and diagnose tumors and temporarily reduce inflammation, the practice of medicine must be uniformly successful across the board.

To shatter all these firmly held conviction in one fell swoop is too much for many people to absorb.

I want to correct an inadvertent impression about the FDA story. I have no reason to believe the FDA is admitting to its own crimes or that it is thumbing its nose at the public by allowing its web page to remain standing. I think someone at the FDA made a serious mistake (or was trying to get word out) by posting that web page. It was placed online as a come-on for an educational module about adverse drug effects. The module link no longer works. A few days ago, I was forwarded data that appear to be from the module. The data are rife with excuses and explanations for the 100,000 deaths per year—patients self-medicating, incorrect drug-combining, doctors’ prescribing errors. None of this could possibly add up to 100,000 deaths a year, every year. No, it is the FDA approval of drugs that are lethal to begin with that is the cause of the holocaust. And if and when the FDA learns how exposed they are, they will take that web page down.

Since I posed my article six days ago, the story has blown open at Infowars (click here to access the video — and, see also this article), the Robert Scott Bell show (click here to access the podcast — and, see also this article), The Corbett Report (link forthcoming), and Natural News (click here). Other websites have followed suit. It remains to be seen how far the story will travel.

Keep in mind that, as the FDA approves drug after lethal drug, it also attacks nutritional supplements, and it attacks genuinely promising treatments for “cash cow” diseases.

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