22 June 2012

Natural Energy Boosters

While good nutrition, adequate rest and physical fitness are the basis of an energetic body, from time to time a boost may be needed. Here are some helpful tips that may be helpful on a  short temporary basis. If needed for longer periods, that is evidence that the above conditions need to be addressed. Long term use of herbs can be as dangerous as drugs.
Natural Energy Boosters
Mike Barrett
June 21, 2012
cayennepeppers 235x147 Natural Energy Boosters to Amp up Your DayIn addition to escalating rates of numerous illnesses and diseases, people everywhere are experiencing a huge plummet in energy levels – and it isn’t all due to lack of sleep. This lack of energy is leading many individuals to opt out of daily activities, ultimately leading to increased stress levels. While a lack of energy is almost always a symptom of another much deeper issue, there are ways you can naturally boost energy levels. Instead of buying a 5-hour energy or another energy drink at your local supermarket or pharmacy, try implementing some natural energy boosters to amp up your day.

Natural Energy Boosters

Ginseng – Stimulants like caffeine, providing a kick, also place strain on the body’s adrenal cortex, leading it to work harder to produce energy. Ginseng can act as a stimulant similar to how caffeine does, but without any added stress. Ginseng helps to feed the adrenal cortex by offering nutrients it needs to create stress-free energy.
Digestive Enzymes – Individuals often lack energy because their body is unable to break down food efficiently. Digestive enzymes help to break down proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and fiber, leading to the body’s ability to utilize vitamins and nutrients. Without being able to properly and efficiently break down food, your body can’t turn food into energy – digestive enzymes help your body to produce energy by breaking down these nutrients. As you age, your body slowly loses it’s ability to produce enzymes, so supplementing with digestive enzymes becomes more important as we age.
Fasting – Among some great natural energy boosters, fasting can be an excellent method for cleansing the body and providing energy. The body spends up to one-third of its energy on digestion and elimination, and with the average American diet being what it is, it is no wonder that most people have digestion issues. By avoiding solid foods, or by engaging in a fruit fast or vegetable fast, you are essentially giving your body a rest and enabling it to cleanse and work more properly overall.  In addition, toxins are being released, improving overall health and energy levels.
Ashwagandha – A similar herb to Ginseng – a vital adaptogenic herb in Ayurvedic medicine – Ashwagandha can be great for increasing energy levels. Going byThe Herb Companion, taking one to two teaspoons twice or three times daily of this shrub extract (which equates to about a 500 mg capsule of ashwagandha three times daily)- is more than enough to obtain its energy-boosting power.
It is crucial choose natural sources over energy drinks for an energy boost. Consuming sports and energy drinks is comparable to ‘bathing your teeth with acid’ according to scientists who have unleashed their findings on how these beverages may be destroying the health of your teeth. Natural energy boosters like the ones listed above will not only provide energy, but will also help to boost overall health without any harsh chemicals or side-effects.
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