10 June 2012

How to Survive Radiation

The Radiation Health Facts Sheet

"We are living through the worst public health scandal in history." - Dr. Chris Busby 
 The proper purpose of government is the health of the people.  The government of the United States has failed to serve this purpose.  It has failed to inform the people of the radioactive fallout from Fukushima.  It has failed to inform them of what they can do to mitigate its effects on their health.  

The Japanese government has failed to serve its people.  In fact, every government has failed in this regard.   The governments of the world have demonstrated their contempt for their proper purpose.  They have shown they are the servants of money and corporate power.  We need a global revolution. 

 Service is a virtue when it is service to virtue.  It is not a virtue when it is service to money.  The love of money is the root of many evils. People have been misinformed about the tragedy at Fukushima and its consequences. There is a continuing cover-up by the media and government.  The reactors have not been stabilized and radiation continues to be released.  It has now spread throughout the northern hemisphere. 

 There have been many excess deaths in the U.S. already from the radioactivity which has fallen from the sky.  The estimates vary from 20,000 to 100,000 excess deaths in the U.S. so far.   Fukushima is much more dangerous than Chernobyl was in 1986. Fukushima continues to release radioactivity into the air. ( 300 Chernobyl-size releases possible )  The governments of the world have failed to show the proper level of concern and take appropriate action. 

 “We could have a disaster much worse, many times worse than Chernobyl.” Dr. Michio Kaku on the precarious state of the spent fuel rods in the severely damaged Fukushima nuclear reactor Unit Number Four building. The United States and other countries should get involved and help the Japanese government expedite the removal of that spent fuel and put it into dry hardened storage.  I urge you to contact your elected representatives  ( http://congress.gov ) and President Obama.( http://whitehouse.gov) 40 million Japanese people are in "extreme danger" of radiation poisoning, and many eastern cities, including Tokyo, may be evacuated in the coming  months to avoid extreme radiation poisoning.  Japan needs the help of the world!  Care for Japan.  

We must shift our focus from making war on Iran to caring for Japan.  We are one people living on one planet.  We share one destiny.  Wisdom requires us to care about Japan. The government of Japan has failed to protect its people and is hiding the dangers of radiation from Fukushima. There are options for radioprotection that have not been disclosed.   

 Radiation exposure is a global concern.  It has spread all over the world.  Children are more vulnerable than adults.  Fetuses are even more vulnerable. Girls are more vulnerable than boys. No one will protect you. You are responsible for your health.  Those who have received the most damage are the most ignored. If the nations of the world really understood the implications of the actual ‘fallout’ – past, current and future – the current nuclear energy paradigm would be systematically shut down.  

The problem with Iran is not nuclear weapons but nuclear power.  It was the United States which sold the Shah of Iran on nuclear power.  All of the 31 nuclear nations need to shut down their plants and switch to renewable sources of electricity.   Every nation which has a nuclear power plant has a bomb-making facility.  Nuclear power plants produce plutonium by their nature. Radioactive cesium lasts for 300 years.  It is in our food, water and air.  It will be with us for the rest of our lives.  It was here before Fukushima from nuclear bomb tests in the 1950’s and 1960’s as well as the Chernobyl nuclear power accident.  Nuclear power plants also vent small amounts of radioactive gases on a regular basis.  They are not “clean” and should be abolished.  People who live near nuclear power plants have more health problems. 

 Radiation causes cancer.  But it also causes many other diseases and health conditions including heart disease, diabetes and dementia. There is no “safe” level of this kind of radiation. Technically speaking, the kind of radiation from Fukushima is called “ionizing radiation.”  This means that it releases sub-atomic particles which cause severe damage to living things. The difference between ionizing and non-ionizing is the difference between a particle and a wave.  Particles do much more damage, especially if they are inside you next to your cells. Internal exposure is much more dangerous than external exposure. 

That's why we should be monitoring and reporting on the air, water and food. It causes mutations in the DNA which often produce cancers.  It may take many years, even decades before these cancers appear.  It also can cause birth defects which take generations to appear. All analogies to x-rays, background radiation and solar radiation are invalid and deceptive.  ( http://chernobylheart.nodes.org ) Internal exposure is more dangerous than external exposure.  If you get some radioactive particles on your skin you can wash them off with soap and water.  But if you inhale or ingest them, they could stay inside you for years.  You might excrete them in urine or feces, but you might retain them in muscle tissue.  

One of the primary muscles affected is the heart.  Children and athletes have been dying of heart attacks.  This is exceptionally unusual.  Radioactivity in our environment has made us rethink everything we know about being healthy. Wear a N95 mask when travelling by airplane.  The radioactivity is in the upper atmosphere. http://n95_mask.shopping.nodes.org   Get a HEPA air purifier for your home and/or office.  http://HEPA_purifier.shopping.nodes.org Radioactivity bio-accumulates in the food chain.   This means that over time it concentrates in animals like fish, cows and humans.  

Low dose and high dose are not nearly as important as the types of isotopes and their actions in the body. There is some evidence that a low dose for a long time can be more harmful than a high dose over a short time.  Low dose alpha emitters can be 1000 times more likely to cause cancer in you than an equal gamma emitter. A

ll three types of radiation can cause lethal damage to the body. hemp A dollar bill weighs a gram.  If you divide a dollar bill into a million pieces, each piece would be capable of giving you cancer if it was made of plutonium  (1 millionth of a gram). Health Tips:   Know your food.  Where does it come from?  Buy local food whenever possible. Avoid all dairy products.  If you must eat cheese, buy two-year old cheese ( or older ). Don’t buy any food from Japan. Avoid seafood from the Pacific ocean, including from China.  Avoid vegetables and fruits grown in California, Oregon and Washington states. Avoid mushrooms - they are radiation concentrators. Take off shoes before entering your home.  

Get a N95 face mask Plant mustard greens, ginkgo, sunflowers and other radiation absorbing plants around you.Drink filtered water.   Reverse Osmosis water is good but there are better filtrations methods. ( http://www.berkeyfilters.com  http://www.pureeffectfilters.com/ ) 

Recommended Supplements ( not from Japan ) Vitamin C with bioflavonoids, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Selenium, multi-mineral, melatonin, calcium, rutin, cucumin ( turmeric ), Green Clay  ( edible kind )  Zeolite liquid,  Apple pectin,  resveratrol,  kelp tablets ( go slow - can be toxic), Coenzyme - Q10 , Glutathione,  Superoxide Dismutase (SOD), Alpha Lipoic Acid, and N-acetylcysteine. Recommended Herbs Holy basil, sage, ginkgo, gotu cola, burdock root,  siberian ginseng, chaparral, aloe vera, nettles, red clover, astragalus.  ( You can make teas and vinegars with some of these - search Google for instructions. ) 

 Recommended Foods  ( not from the west coast, Japan, China or Pacific ocean ) 1.    Seaweed - In scientific studies seaweed was able to neutralize radioactive isotopes in the human body. 2.    Kelp 3.    Miso - Miso broth is the classic food for prevention of radiation damage. 4.    Pumpkin 5.    Spirulina 6.    Bee pollen 7.    Wheat grass 8.    Rosemary 9.    Blue-green algae 10.    Beets 11.    Garlic 12.    Ginger 13.    Alfalfa sprouts 14.    Reishii (a mushroom)   15.    Onions 16.    Olive oil 17.    Leafy greens 18.    Apples and other sources of pectin 19.    Brown rice 20.    Kefir 21.    All cabbage family plants - including arugula, turnips, radishes, cauliflower, mustard greens, bok choy, Brussels sprouts, broccoli d'rappe, kale, collards, and of course broccoli - protect your cells from the damaging effects of radiation.     22. Orange/dark green vegetables - Sweet potatoes, winter squash, beets, carrots, and  spinach. Pharmaceuticals ( prescription )    Prussian Blue, DTPA and Neupogen 

 Stay out of the rain, fog and surf.   Stay away from the Pacific ocean including the beaches.  Get a geiger counter and learn how to use it.  http://geigercounters.com If you experience a metallic taste in your mouth --- EVACUATE  as soon as possible. Take a baking soda bath and juice some cilantro, it helps your body flush heavy metals and will assist in eliminating some of the radioactive particles in your body.  “Oil pulling” for your mouth after potential exposure can help. (  http://oilpulling.nodes.org ) 

"Vitamin C is of particular importance and should be included at high intakes for anyone trying to minimize radiation poisoning. High dose vitamin C provides continual antioxidant flow through the body. It is absorbed from the gut and helps to replenish the other antioxidants. When it is used up, it is excreted in the urine. Importantly, it can chelate, or grab onto, radioactive heavy metal atoms and help eliminate them from the body. Large dynamic flow doses of vitamin C (about 3,000 mg, taken 4 times a day for a total of 12,000 mg) would exemplify antioxidant treatment. Higher doses have been used by Dr. Atsuo Yanagisawa and colleagues." 

The needs of the people must be prioritized over the profits for corporations. The focus on ownership is wrong. The focus should be on stewardship of the Earth, each other and the future of life. Stewardship is better than ownership. We need a new philosophy. Nuclear power is a mistake. Reject nuclear politicians.  

Support renewable energy. WE are the media now. WE must take responsibility for educating the people.  Please photocopy this document and distribute it.  Send copies to your federal, state and local elected representatives.   Break the “conspiracy of silence” and demand that government does their duty and protects the people from radioactivity by daily monitoring and reporting of radioactivity. Call for an end to all nuclear power and weapons programs.

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 While it is true that there is much we do not understand about nuclear radioactivity, there are two things which can be said with certainty.   
1.  The fallout from Fukushima will be with us for the rest of our lives.   
2.  There is no safe dose of this kind of radiation.   The less you get, the better off you are.  If you get it, try and get it out of your body  ( De-tox )  and take supplements to improve your body’s ability to cope with it. In Japan we see a nation that was literally set up to be a poster child for the nuclear power industry. This, in a place that is known to be the most seismically active region in the world! “Does anyone in their right mind believe that nuclear power plants can ever be designed, engineered or constructed to withstand 9.0 earthquakes followed by 15 meter high tsunamis? Sorry if we offend, but such a display of so deadly a combination of ignorance and arrogance must represent the very height of hubris. Particularly in view of the inevitable consequences which have manifested at Fukushima, how is it that so few saw this pre-ordained and disastrous outcome, except by willful blindness?”                                                — 
Japan: A Nation Consigned To Nuclear Armageddon In the largest nuclear workers study it was found that there was an increased cancer risk.  The average dose was 2 mSv per year.   The Japanese government raised the allowable limit, even for children, to 20 mSv per year --- ten times the average for nuclear power plant workers.  Japan’s allowance of 20 mSv per year is not safe. Low level exposures may actually produce more cancer than high level exposures. Nuclear was a mistake.  Japan is proving this.  We are witnessing the death of a nation.  

Any nation which has nuclear power can have nuclear weapons.  Nuclear power  produces the necessity of a strong central authority to regulate and secure the nuclear material. ( big government )  Nuclear power plants ARE bomb-making plants.   They produce plutonium by their nature. The situation at Fukushima is not resolved.   

Contact your elected representatives and ask them to address the issue with solutions, including health information for the people.  We need to put our collective focus on stabilizing Fukushima and building a containment structure around it. People everywhere need to know how they can mitigate the effect of radioactive isotopes in the environment and the Japanese living in highly contaminated regions need to be evacuated. 

 WE are the media now. WE must take responsibility for educating the people.  This document is in the public domain.  Please share it with others.  It’s the caring thing to do. Compiled by Steven Moyer - http://stevemoyer.us  - steve@stevemoyer.us


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