19 August 2010

What is Morgellons? The Mystery is Being Solved. (video)

The following video is visually stunning and shows what may be going on deep inside your body. It lifts the veil on the mysterious Morgellons Disease that is a new modern plague, that the medical establishment denies. The video gives some answers but the real point is that you must achieve maximum health potential and immune resistance to prevent the micro-scopic three ring circus of Morgellons from pitching the big tent in your body.

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Anonymous said...

This is excellent work! It makes perfect sense. It's somewhat amazing that so many medical doctors have dismissed this as "delusional xxx".
They should have a strong background in microbiology. Clearly seems to be an issue of a compromised immune system. My Thanks to all responsible for the content of this video. I imagine that it will offer hope to a great number of people who suffer from these infections in the face of a confused medical community.