18 August 2010

Seafloor covered in oil 40 miles south of Panama City, FL - HEADING EAST (video)


Nana Baakan said...

Okay, just listen to Matt Simmons, before they killed him. He was saying all along, the oil can't be gone. Finally, they are letting it out little by little. In fact, who didn't know it. BP got out of there so they wouldn't be responsible. Unbelievable, but I seem to be saying that every day. The fact that they went along with the program that BP had goin' they are like the Johnny come lately. People had to "leak" the information out. Too bad, so sad.

Nana Baakan said...

Not to mention the dispersent, that was done deliberately to make it "disappear" from the surface. Mother Nature/Earth is amazing.. what you do to her in the Dark will come out in the light. That stuff is radioactive. little by little, the truth will seep out. For those who been on it, it will be a Gulf Oil Wikileaks, we will be saying, this is old news, man!!!