06 August 2010

Rebellious Fish Dying In Defiance of Government Statement That OIl Is Non Toxic to Fish

Evidently these fish are out of compliance with government statements which indicate that fish are immune to the toxic effects of the oil and corexit because they have excellent metabolism of hydro-carbons. So evidently these fish are being difficult and politically incorrect by dying en mass just to embarrass the Obama Administration and BP.
So ignore these renegade fish people and eat up like the government tells you.
Here is video footage of some rebellious jelly fish who also had the audacity to wash up on the shore instead of dying peacefully out of sight in the depths of the ocean.


Tyra Woods said...

It is true that more fishes die because of the people who do not care of our environment. The government is not taking serious measures to stop the throwing of waste materials in our ocean which in the long run poison and destroy all the living creatures especially our fishes. It is high time for us to individually care for our environment and it not too late to start within ourselves.

Alim said...

I hope none of these dead fish end up in the fish market or in a restaurant.