02 January 2013

Radiation Spikes in Philadelphia- Again!

The pattern of deliberate lying commonly engaged in by the Japanese nuclear establishment of gloss over the catastrophe at Fukushima is apparently not native to Japan. Officials in Philadelphia engage in the same kind of wild over-the-top lies to hide the on-going nuclear crisis there. In Philadelphia, radioactive waste water from the Limmerick nuclear power plant has been dumped into the river that supplies Philadelphia with water. This is said to be 'legal' by officials. Now officials are blaming 'thyroid patients' taking radioactive iodine as the cause of the new crisis! They claim there is no health risk to the population!
 This is an astounding degree of duplicity 
that staggers the imagination! 
The simple truth is: There is no safe level of radiation!

Radiation Spikes in Philadelphia Drinking Water- Again! 
Levels of radioactive iodine-131 in a city drinking-water intake rose to their highest level yet [...]
“The biggest message is that it’s not a health issue,” said David Allard, director of the state Department of Environmental Protection’s Bureau of Radiation Protection.
Still, they continue to watch as they have since the issue surfaced in 2011 with more monitoring after an earthquake and tsunami severely damaged Japan’s Fukushima nuclear power plant.
Officials then found that a little-known sampling program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency had been detecting spikes of iodine-131 in Philadelphia and other places that get drinking water from rivers and streams.
[...] agencies traced the scattered spikes to excretions by thyroid patients [...]
On Oct. 17, the latest date for which readings are available, the level of one sample at the Belmont water plant, on the Schuylkill, reached a record 5.46 picocuries per liter. [...]
A national drinking-water standard sets the permissible limit at 3 picocuries per liter, but that figure is for a yearly average, not a single sample. [...]

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