12 September 2012

911 and 311 Have Changed Your World

Mini-nukes brought WTC down
Yesterday, while all eyes were on events surrounding the false-flag attacks of 911 in 2001, another world changing series of events continues to be largely ignored- Who's talking about "311", referring to the March 11, 2011 earthquake and tsunami at Fukushima Japan that caused that nuclear power plant to explode and then meltdown in 3 reactors, releasing tons of radioactive material into the atmosphere and into the ocean waters? Both events have global impact and both events are nuclear and both events need not have happened...
The mainstream media apparently has orders to ignore the fact that radioactive debris is washing up on the Western coast of North America from Alaska and points south. Where are the government monitors to tell us whether or not radiation from Japan is impacting the American people? Some reports indicate that the government simply turned off monitors so they could claim they have detected no change!  For reasons of atmospheric currents, the city of St Louis has the distinction of having had the highest amount of 'hot rain'- radioactive- of any place in America, but now radio active debris is washing up on the shores of California, pushing background radiation levels upwards of 5 time normal in recent days! 
Only independent researchers are keeping an eye on the situation and attempting to get the word out. Apparently the government's response is to be non-responsive. It really is every man for himself...
Here are excerpts of a report sent out as a result of my findings on a recent visit to the West Coast. Read it and you'll see why I couldn't sleep for 3 nights...

Nuclear Reactors on quake fault line?
In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful...
As salaam alaikum!

Dear Brother "T",

As you know I conducted nutritional exams recently in LA. A routine part of these exams is a check for various environmental toxins, such as lead, mercury and several other chemicals that are injurious to health. Among those other toxins is a test for radiation. Out of 21 people tested, 20 were positive for radiation. The one negative test was an individual from Phoenix- therefore 20 out of 20 Angelinos tested positive! This is astounding!

The range of concentrations went from just a trace (500X) up to the highest levels possible (3X)- the smaller numbers indicate higher amounts, 3X being the highest. The average concentration is 90X, a moderately high amount. Of course normal is zero, or a negative test.

Similar testing in February 2012 yielded one positive test, begging the question: What happened in LA between February and now? While the complete answer is not in, according to EPA measurements from their secret government monitoring station in downtown LA, during a 42 day period this year, radiation levels reached 5 times normal background, and even peaked at 7 times normal background! During August during my visit, background was twice normal.

By state law, 3 times normal background is a HAZMAT emergency event. For example- if radiation 3 times normal were detected at LAX- they would shut it down and evacuate the airport. It would remain off limits until levels returned to normal. Obviously, had that protocol been followed LA would have been evacuated! Since it was not, you have millions exposed to dangerous levels of radiation. There is no safe level of radiation, especially for the unborn and young growing children.

I detected a similar cluster of radiation in early 2012 in Philadelphia. I did a screening there and found a 40% positive rate. LA is at 100%!!! After raising public awareness via radio interviews and public lectures, pressure mounted on the city health department to investigate. What they found was that the Limerick nuclear power plant had been dumping radioactive waste water into the Philadelphia drinking water. People were drinking, bathing and cooking in radioactive water! Later they had to shut the plant down. That shut off the radioactivity for the time being.

We need to do the same in LA. I want to screen at least 100-200 more people from the area and see if the numbers hold up. If they do we can map them out according to zip code and see what the geographical distribution is. Then we can take measures to prevent and treat appropriately those ill affected. I am further working on a viable treatment protocol that includes spirulina and Chlorella, but other things as well. The Purif will be playing a major role, so let us think about how that can be arranged. Needless to say these events are unprecedented in history so we are the pioneers that have to blaze the way to survive even this. I would suggest reading All About Radiation by LRH. I understand there are also some taped lectures.

More than likely this radiation is reaching LA from Fukushima Japan where three reactors exploded and melted down as a result of the 9.0 earthquake and tsunami that followed on March 11, 2011. Radioactive seawater and debris started reaching the West Coast earlier this year. This first touch is light compared to what is on the way over the next 4-5 years. A major debris patch is currently 600-800 miles off shore and may bring another massive amount of new radiation to add to what is already here.

All Pacific Ocean sea food, especially blue-fin tuna, and seaweed is radioactive. Navel oranges, almonds, pistachios and some other California grown produce is also contaminated according to some limited testing. Wide-spread testing has not been done. We need to train individuals from the community to do radiation monitoring of food, air and water on a daily basis.

Any thing you can do to help set up the screenings will be most appreciated. I am traveling on my own dime, so any help with expenses is also appreciated. I would not wish to cause a burden however. After the screenings then we can go to the public via the media and community meetings to raise awareness and educate. Perhaps, like in Philadelphia, we can force the government to do its job of protecting citizens.

Please share this information with any one you feel could be of help. This should be considered a public health emergency! I look forward to being there with you in a few more days. Take care.

Bro Alim

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