21 September 2012

65% Positive Radiation Rate in LA

Report on Radiation Testing in LA - updated

On three separate occasions in 2012 radiation testing was done on 175 individuals in Los Angeles by autonomic resonance response testing conducted by one examiner, Abdul Alim Muhammad MD. Radiation screening tests are a routine part of the nutritional evaluations conducted by Dr Muhammad which includes screenings for several toxic metals and chemicals which were also detected in some cases. This report is only of the findings of radiation, most likely due to radioactive isotope particles in the bodies of those persons tested. 

Numerous studies have detected the widespread presence of many radioactive isotopes in the Los Angeles area, above normal background radiation levels since the March 11, 2011 Fukushima Daichi nuclear power plant disaster which was caused by a 9.0 earthquake and tsunami that damaged at least 3 reactors. Explosions at the time put massive amounts of radioactive material into the atmosphere which the prevailing westerly winds carried throughout the Northern Hemisphere. 

Additional massive radioactive debris has floated on the ocean currents from Japan to North America, releasing radioactive isotopes into the ocean spray and marine layer near the coast. Rain and other weather events, including possibly chemtrail spraying, have brought huge amounts of atmospheric radioactivity to the ground. 

Background radiation levels in Los Angeles during 2012 have been consistently elevated above normal. During one 42 day period from late December to late January levels recorded by the EPA and independent researchers reached 5 times background- peaking at 7.46 times background. 

The isotopes detected have included iodide131, strontium90, cesium 134 and 137, uranium238, sulpher35,  and many other trace isotopes including plutonium239. Radioactive contamination has been reported in food as well including California produced navel oranges, almonds, pistachios, dried plums, and Florida grown grapefruit. Also blue-fin tuna, seaweed, kelp and other Pacific Ocean derived food has tested positive for the presence of radioactive isotopes. These are all the possible sources of radiation detected in these screenings.

Total screened- 175
Total positive- 115
Positive percentage- 65.7%
Males -69
Ages- 10mos.- 81 years

These results warrant further investigation into what can only be described as an unprecedented public health emergency. Although Fukushima Daichi is an obvious source, the San Inofre nuclear power plant south of Los Angeles and other nuclear facilities should also be investigated as possibly contributing to this massive environmental contamination with long-lasting radioactive isotopes. It should be noted that as of yet there is no control of the continuing release of new contamination at Fukushima and that the debris stream on its way from Japan will make this an ever worsening state of affairs never before witnessed in human history.

It is imperative that measures be taken immediately to inform the public and to protect the public from the long term health consequences of radioactive contamination of air, water, earth and food.

Protocols are being developed that are designed to prevent and protect individuals, especially the most vulnerable one among us, our unborn and young growing children. Other protocols are needed to decontaminate those individual's who have already inhaled or ingested radioactive materials from the environment.

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