24 December 2009

Understanding the Relationship between Health and Obesity

The following article just confirms what we thought we already knew, that being fat kills. Obesity may rate as the number one health problem in the United States - especially among Blacks and other minority people. The dislike of fat people is often in evidence in jokes and demeaning caricatures in movies and on TV. The fat guy or the fat girl, may be funny and laughable, but the obese are rarely portrayed as heroic or even intelligent. They are usually presented as hapless losers, lacking in self esteem and confidence.

Although this article scientifically shows that the obese die of heart disease at almost twice the 'normal' rate, obesity is associated with poor health across the board. High blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid disease, endocrine abnormalities, asthma, cancer, etc. For the obese and most of us are at least over-weight- this is old hat, but it is also misleading.

It is misleading because it engenders the idea that people are unhealthy because they are obese. Wrong! They are obese because they are unhealthy!

That's the reason why almost all diets and other weight loss gimmicks ultimately fail:

They do not make the obese person healthy! If you can get the person who is obese - obesity being but a sign of ill health- healthy, then the weight will take care of itself. Putting the cart before the horse makes matters much worse because if the only goal is to get the number on the scale to go down, then all kinds of metabolic tricks will be resorted to to accomplish that, but at a great price - an even greater deterioration of health. In other words, taking a person from what is already bad, to what is worse. So if weight is a problem that you are struggling with then know that your priority is to get healthy first, and the weight loss will follow.

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Remember, a healthy body cannot be made obese.

It must be made sick first, then it can be made obese!

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Obesity more deadly than previously thought
Being overweight is more deadly than previous thought as scientists discover increasing bodyweight increases the risk of dying from heart disease almost two-fold.
Rebecca Smith

Recent studies found that being overweight may increase the risk of dying from cardiovascular disease by 82 per cent. Photo: PA
A study of one million father and son pairs found that being overweight may increase the risk of dying from cardiovascular disease by 82 per cent.
The research carried out by the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm and published online in the British Medical Journal attempted to iron out mistakes in previous studies and used the child's body mass index in association with the parent's cause of death.

This was to stop problems where certain diseases such as cancer that can cause weight loss, making it appear that thin people were at greater risk of dying.
It was found that this was not the case for lung cancer and being overweight, not underweight, made it more likely they would die from lung cancer. The results also showed that obesity posed a far greater risk for dying of heart disease than previously thought.

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