19 September 2011

Vaccines, emotions and disease...

What are some of the hidden factors behind the response many may have to vaccination? Why would it be true that one person has a bad reaction and somebody else does fine? Could there be hidden emotional conflicts to account for this? How would one guard against such emotional factors? How would one even know they existed? Here is an interesting alternative viewpoint on vaccinations and the emotion driven biology of health and disease...

Vaccine Pros and Cons

September 17, 2011
dees_vaccines1.jpg"Needle shock should not be underestimated. The myriad of vaccine studies all fail to take this into account."

by Stephen Coleman

The blanket claim that vaccines don't work or are dangerous is ludicrous. Farmers would quickly stop vaccinating if this were true.

Growing up on a farm, I have seen several livestock epidemics stopped cold thanks to the use of vaccines. Good hygiene and vaccines have greatly increased our lifespans along with that of our animal companions. 

Louis Pasteur discovered that vaccinating chickens with weakened chicken cholera bacteria induced permanent immunity. The difference in the survival rate between the vaccinated and unvaccinated chickens was remarkable. From this discovery he developed successful vaccines for anthrax and rabies.

However,  the claim that all vaccines are useful is equally ludicrous.

In order to get a communicable disease, two factors must be present. The emotional conflict specific to the illness and the presence of the microorganism.

Masha and Dasha, a pair of Siamese twins joined at the hips share the same blood supply, yet one or the other twin girl gets a cold, a flu or a childhood disease while the other remains healthy. Why?

There is more to getting sick than just catching a bug. These two girls shared the same blood, but not the same emotional conflicts.

For example, the main emotional conflicts behind polio are fear of being stuck, imprisoned, and forced to work beyond one's abilities. The great polio epidemics coincide with the industrial age and died out with the end of child labor. In nations where child labor is still used, polio still presents a problem.

TB epidemics coincide with wars and natural disasters. Plague outbreaks coincide with total economic breakdowns. Flu season coincides with the holidays and families getting together.

Cervical cancer is a healing phase cancer. That means that after the conflict is resolved, the "cancerous" growth occurs. While the conflict is active, painless necrosis of the cervix is occurring. It becomes like microscopic Swiss Cheese.

The longer the conflict, the greater the necrosis. The "cancerous" growth is the repair of the necrosis.

When the necrosis has been fully repaired, the excess tissue breaks down. Bleeding, puss, fever and discomfort results. Human papillomavirus (HPV) is instrumental in it's breakdown and healing, it is not the cause of cancer anymore than apples cause orchards to appear.

The main conflicts that cause cervical cancer are feeling abandoned by a lover, or a fear of not being possessed by a man. The conflict is usually resolved when the lover returns, or she finds another lover. This explains the higher rate of cervical cancer in women married the 2nd time.

Thus Gardasil is worse than useless. It will not stop a single case of cervical cancer. It will stop HPV, but we don't know the dangers of a new virulent strain appearing.

Dr. Diane Harper, the lead creator of Gardasil says that 90% of HPV infections resolve themselves in two years. She also states that Gardasil would do little to prevent cancer.


There seems to be a link with vaccinations and the alarming growth of autism, diabetes and other serious conditions.

Flu, polio, Gardasil, pneumonia and other vaccinations have been tied to the potentially deadly nerve disease- Guillain-Barre Syndrome. (GBS) The conflict behind GBS is that a person strongly feels his life is not unfolding as he hoped. He feels stuck and unable to change; the future is unchangeable.

It is not what is in the syringe (baring any contamination, deliberate or not.) that causes these conditions. We have learned that it is the stress or fear of the needle that trigger these conditions. Many of us have seen people that get nauseous, dizzy or even faint just from the sight of a needle.

Needle shock should not be underestimated. The myriad of vaccine studies all fail to take this into account.
Within hours of being vaccinated with Gardasil,  a nine-year-old girl was hospitalized diabetic shock. She was resisting with disgust the thought of a future promiscuous spouse, fear of the needle and had just a fight with her parents over refusing to receive the vaccination.

the subconscious mind of a child and even some adults, the needle can represent a knife, bayonet or even a rape, triggering diabetes, autism and other conditions.

The increasing rate of autism is in direct proportion to the breakdown of the family. The key to autism is in the family tree. We have learned it is caused by the breakdown of communication between the generations.

A four-year-old girl seemingly became autistic from a vaccination. 4 years later I questioned both parents separately, the father after much questioning finally admitted to raping another woman while his own wife was pregnant. Confessing this to his daughter she was set free and greatly improved.

Personally, I do not take vaccinations but I'm not against them when they are needed. I believe we are over vaccinated and big pharm is profiteering off of us.

But I feel that living lives free from judgment, self criticism, covetousness, promiscuity or arguing with reality are among the true keys to health and happiness.

Stephen Coleman is an alternative therapist working in California. 


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