02 October 2010

Judgment:The Great Dust Bowl of 1930 (video)

When the winds began to blow in 1930 at the expected coming of the great Mahdi the prophesied  judgment of America began. Millions of trillions of tons of vital top soil was blown away, bringing in its wake hunger, famine and the economic collapse known as the Great Depression. By 1933 America was officially bankrupt and in a state of declared emergency. Her ability to produce good food to feed her people had been destroyed. After that, she resorted to chemical trickery in the form of chemical fertilizer to produce a crop from her ruined land, the food produced in this manner was deficient nutritionally and could not properly sustain the lives of her people. The deterioration of America's food supply and the deterioration of her people have continued ever since. In order to survive, we need to produce new soil in which to grow our food, or we have no future. Are you prepared to do that?

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