16 October 2010

Great Salad Recipe (video)

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Anonymous said...

ASA- This video confirms the gift given to us by the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad(Truth). As I am growing into this beautiful, natural, peaceful way of living I can now easily see the lies and falsehoods of this world- I just can't believe how blind I was and we are-this produces gratitude and courage to get up and doing something for self. I was blessed to attend the How To Eat To Live workshop this past weekend in Tampa and I believe Allah has inspired me to seriously get involved in starting a hoop house with our MUI students. Ironically, one of my concerns is actually dealing with this type of opposition with evil outside forces of being able to protect our produce. I know Allah doesn't allow anything to happen without his premission however, we also have a responsibility to be mindful and cover all bases for possible attacks from the enemy. Thank you for your heart of service for our nation.