24 July 2010

Notes of a Food Eater

Scientific societies are as yet in their infancy...It is to be expected that advances in physiology and psychology will give governments much more control over individual mentality than they now have even in totalitarian countries…
…education should aim at destroying free will, so that, after pupils have left school, they shall be incapable, throughout the rest of their lives, of thinking or acting otherwise than as their schoolmasters would have wished.

“Diet, injections, and injunctions will combine, from a very early age, to produce the sort of character and the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable, and any serious criticism of the powers that be will become psychologically impossible.”

Bertrand Russell
Impact of Science on Society 1953

In a large way this blog and the efforts of this author is to counter the intentions of one of the most evil men in history pictured above, Sir Bertrand Russell. I will not here detail the full extent and scope of his evil intentions that touch us intimately today, many years after his physical death, but call attention to the three tools that his evil intention would utilize to accomplish the goals of his evil intention.

Sir Bertrand like most evil individuals in history hated humanity - which is to say he hated Man in the Image of God- therefore he hated God. He is, as it were, a devil. He hated the divine spark in Man that places Him above the beasts of the field and jungle and makes Him, potentially, the Master of all He surveys and most importantly, the Master of His Own Fate and a co-Creator of the Universe. Sir Bertrand would detest the fact that I capitalize all nouns and pronouns referring to Man in the Image of God.

His intention, were it to be successful, would wipe Humanity from the face of the Earth. The self-proclaimed would-be 'elite rulers' who would remain in his diabolical vision would be beasts in human form, served by a sub-human class of permanent slaves. The above quotation from the book, Impact of Science on Society, published in 1953 and available on-line, is the succinct formula to be used to achieve his evil intention. 57 years after its first publication we are far advanced in its application, but yet, it is not too late.

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood,

but against principalities, against powers,

against the rulers of the darkness of this world,

against spiritual wickedness in high places...

EPH 6:12.

Sir Bertrand's evil intention involves the manipulation of diet, the use of injections (vaccinations, etc.) and injunctions (legal trickery, fake laws, imperial edicts, or commonly today in America, Executive Orders and globally, UN Mandates). If we notice all three are in full effect everywhere. These three thrusts are aimed at the heart of Humanity. In the view of Sir Bertrand and a hoard of his followers who are ranged in ranks throughout the world, Humanity is to be done away with, slaughtered, annihilated. The blog, Life Abundantly, and this blogger are dedicated to educating the public as far as possible about the dangers that confront them in order that they may survive the onslaught of Satan - diabolical beasts in human form, of the ilk of Sir Bertrand Russell.

If we take a look at what has happened to the diet over the 5 or 6 decades since Sir Bertrand wrote his book, we see a plan in effect that has taken Man in the Image of God away from the natural foods of Man as found in the Garden planted by God eastward of Eden. God planted the Garden, the first Divine Work on Earth following actual Creation and placed the Man in it, to keep it and dress it. The Garden was to provide for all the needs of Man so that Man could grow and survive, having the Power and Energy to prevail over the forces of nature, over which He, Man, was destined to have dominion. Man the vice-gerent of God, the Khalifa, was to rule in the absence of God over God's entire Creation, not necessarily limited to one small planet. The key to the success of God's plan was in the Garden, the source of all nourishment for the Man in the Image and likeness of God, Who was to do the Will or the Works of God. But how could Man in the Image and likeness of God, stay in the Divine Image, unless he remained int he Garden, eating of the good things Created for that purpose? Knowing this, the devil, the most subtile of creatures, made a suggestion to the Man through His Mate, that they could eat food not made lawful to them by God. Thus, the original deception as the final deception, is over food - what Man is to eat and must eat if he is to attain to the intended perfection of His nature to be a God with God.

So the subtile deceiver of Genesis is picture above in its latest incarnation, Sir Bertrand. He's up to the usual tricks as usual. It worked before, why not try it again?

So today, it is important for us all to be able to identify the food that God desires for us to eat, so that we might avoid the 'diet' that Sir Bertrand would have us consume. For that we need to know the difference between what is properly called FOOD versus, what is properly called FOOD PRODUCTS

Anything that grew in the Garden of Eden, created by God, is food and is the only food we should ever eat. This includes all the original fruits, vegetables, seeds, grains, animals, honey, etc that were present then, the descendants of which are present now, just as we are the descendants of the humans who existed at that time. We should eat what they were created to eat and what was created for them to eat.

So the first thing to know is that only God knows how to make food - nobody else is smart enough to know how to make food for people to eat. Anybody else in the so-called 'food business' is a faker and an unworthy competitor to God.

Here are listed out some of the major characteristics of real food. These characteristics are to be understood from two standpoints. One, the negative view of what's 'wrong' with food that has 'justified' the 'improvement' of food; and two, the positive aspect which shows what is 'right' about real food and how it serves the Divine purpose.

The Divine Purpose of food is also basically to be viewed in two parts, each related to the other. First we need real food because of its ability to sustain the force of our lives. This 'life force' is denied by modern science. To modern science life is just a matter of chemistry that arose spontaneously out of the primordial swamp a few billion years ago. The view of life as chemistry is what is mis-guiding not only 'food manufacturing', but also modern medicine, especially the development and use of hydro-carbon based chemical drugs to cure the diseases of life. To be sure, chemistry of a special sort, does operate in life, but it is not life. Louis Pasteur long ago showed that two chemically identical molecules of tartaric acid are quite different, as one is associated with and a product of life, the other only with the world of inorganic non-living chemical substance. The one would have a measurable biologic effect within a living organism, the other would not. That mysterious difference is in fact the mystery of life, and can not be fully explained in terms of chemistry alone. But it can be observed to have a noticeable effect that benefits living organisms. it contributes to life and the force of life itself! You may wish to view a wonderful documentary film on this vital subject by clicking on this link: http://www.larouchepac.com/node/13732

The living force in food is also what leads to some of the other characteristics of real food vs food products. For example, one of the 'negative' characteristics of food is the fact that it 'goes bad too quick'. Going bad means that the pear develops a brown soft spot and soon softens into mush in a matter of a few days. The reason it does that is because of the living enzymes it contains which causes a self-digestion process to begin. Real food contains the enzymes needed to digest it, making it easy to assimilate. This ease of digestion and assimilation are two more of the positive characteristics of real food, generally missing in highly processed, refined manufactured food products.

Ease of digestion and assimilation may be mis-identified as negative characteristics. Ease of digestion and assimilation mean that 'transit time' for real food is short. Transit time refers to the time it takes for an ingested food to move from the mouth all the way through the digestive system - esophagus, stomach, small intestines, large intestines and out the anus. For most real whole natural foods this transit time will be relatively short, less by far than that of highly processed, refined manufactured food products. Raw milk is an example par excellence. From ingestion to elimination may just be 4 to 6 hours. Viewed negatively, this might be misunderstood as diarrhea, and considered to be a problem, that needs a medical fix. It might lead to an erroneous conclusion that one is 'intolerant' of milk and shouldn't consume it.

A six hour transit time to a person who is used to the 36 hour or more transit times of macaroni and cheese and other highly processed highly refined, compact and dry foods, by contrast, does sound like diarrhea, but it is only what normal really should be. Someone who has only ever had hard or formed stool except when ill, may in all honesty, mis-read bodily changes of a positive nature brought about by a dietary change to food that is natural, living and easily digested and assimilated. The amount of work required of the digestive system is markedly reduced, saving vital force and energy for other important tasks needed in running the body economy in a healthy efficient way.

Real food 'goes bad real fast'. This is another 'negative' of natural whole foods, that actually is an indication that the food is whole and alive. It is capable of digesting itself and, if real spoilage is in fact occurring, then it is demonstrating its ability to support the life of other living things - in this case micro-organisms. Are that a negative? Only in the viewpoint of those who are the enemy of life and consider all the manifestations of life to be, at best, a nuisance or a problem to be solved.

Understandably, from the point of view of a corporation which is non-living, but is considered by the 'law' to be 'an artificial person', all of the characteristics of life are problematic. Why is that? It is because the 'problem' faced by all corporations is how to make a profit. The artificial person that is a corporation has no human interest in food. Food, and for that matter the people who eat it are, to it, only potential profit sources to be managed. Therefore, to the extent possible, all the problems associated with food and food eaters are to be managed away for the sole purpose to increase profitability.

When a natural person, in the image and likeness of God, like God, plants a Garden, like God, that natural person and his or her family members, neighbors and community as well as live stock can all share in the bounty of the Garden. They actually benefit from eating what has been produced. Even spoilage and lost crops are not considered from the holistic point of view of the enlightened farmer as problems. Spoiled produce simply goes on the compost heap and get re-cycled, making the compost even richer than before. It becomes the food for worms and micro organisms who through their digestive systems produce the very 'soil' of which, according to the Bible and Qur'an, Man Himself is made. So the natural man does not see that there is a problem in the natural cycle or circle of life. There is not the duality of profit and loss. Everything is a gain. Life grows.

The purpose of the Garden - to sustain life- has been fulfilled. If there is a surplus to take to market then that is some much more to the good. The Farmer's Market is the basis of all economy. In fact, the word English word economy itself is derived from the Greek root, ekonomos, means, household or farm! Markets arose out of the need to exchange the surplus of the Garden, thus producing wealth and well-being as a by-product of growing food. Now, when the Market has become a corporation, the corporation is blind to the presence and the purpose and the meaning of life, and sees only monetary profits, and is so serious about increasing profits, than even life itself can be sacrificed if that will better the bottom line.

To the corporate manager, whose eye is on the bottom line, food spoilage is a problem. There is no compost heap out back. The corporate accountant wouldn't know how to re-evaluate spoiled food and roll it over to the coming year. The normal 12 month growing cycle has been replaced by quarterly cycles. In the natural world grow occurs only in the growing season. The corporate view demands grow in every season. Every quarter must be more profitable than the previous one. Managers will rise and fall according to their quarterly profits.

What's a manager to do? Even out the harvest, stretch it out, so that the harvest can be the same during every quarter. That is the only thing that can be done to satisfy the corporate hunger which is for more and more profits every quarter and human sacrifice is not out of the question.

So the manager of the "food'" corporation which has taken over the Farmer's Market does what any good manager will do - he solves the problems! He will do whatever it takes to solve the problem and keep the corporation happy. And his bonus won't be food - it will be money.

How does he do this? He does what any good undertaker will do when a new corpse is received. You see, the "food' corporation has the same problem as the under taker. Both have a spoilage problem. When the undertaker receives a body, at that moment, it is highly unlikely that he has much of an idea when the funeral services will be held. He does not know if it will be a day, a week or even longer. But he does know that the clock is ticking and that there is a good possibility that the body will decompose rapidly if he leaves the blood of life in the dead body. Containing all the enzymes of life in itself, the blood will cause a rapid deterioration in the body of the dead person.

So, right away, the undertaker will drain the blood form the body and replace it with embalming fluid. Problem solved. Now the body will keep indefinitely. It doesn't matter how long the family of the deceased may take. The body will be good when the moment comes. Besides, he's also got a cosmetic kit to make the body look good for the viewing. And when he has done a bang up job he can anticipate hearing from the mourners on the occasion, "She looks just like herself! Just like the last time I saw her."

So the undertaker has a right to feel very pleased with himself. He has handled a serious problem of nature with a high degree of professionalism and expertise. Now to be sure, as good a job as the undertaker has done, what he does not expect is for someone to say, " You have done such a great job, and she looks so good, I think we will be taking her back home." Impressed yes, not not that impressed that they lose sight of the crucial difference between the living and the dead. So once the service is concluded, guess who stays in the box?

So, you're saying, "What does any of this have to do with food?" Just that the same process is used by the food manufactures for the same reasons. Whole natural food, because it contains within it the enzymes and other vital nuriaents needed to digest itself, 'goes bad' in relatively short period of time. From the view point of the corporation that owns the Food Super Market, that's bad for profits! So the corporation that is in the 'food manufacturing' business offers the solution. Call it the 'undertaker solution'. Just take all the vital living enzymes and nutrients out of the food. Get rid of all the elments of the food that are living, active and powerful. These are the things that are causing the 'problem'. The food wouldn't 'go bad' if these things wernt't there, so lets get rid of them through a manufacturing process. This is what food processing and refinement is all about. Get rid of the vitamin, minerals, enzymes and other vital food nutrients that make the food a whole antural source of all the things that have the capacity to sustain life. From the point of view of the corportation, that's removing the problem - the corporate problem that is, the problem that is lowering 'profits'.

Food manufacturing corporations are working -not for you the consumer, the eater - they are working for the corporation that sells 'food'. Only, since it's the food that causes all the probems, we are now converting all the food into a 'food product'. No spoilage, no loss, long shelf life. Another corporate victory over nature. Only thing is - you and I, the eaters, who need food to sustain the life and health of our bodies- we can't live like that. Eating food products makes us sick and lowers our human potential. Eating food products that have been stripped down so they won't spoil means that there is no longer any life force in what we eat. The more of this stuff we eat the less vitality and energy we have. This is a long way from what God intended. The drop in our human potential (to be in the image and likeness of God) is the 'fall of Adam from Grace' into perdition and eventually Hell. You become what you eat. If you eat what is dead...

The evidence that the food manufacturers are doing what the undertaker does is right on the label in the list of ingredients. The first "ingredient" is the original food - now its an ingredient. After that are all the embalming agents, usually called by other names - preservatives, emulsifiers, rectifiers, texturizers, stabilizers, etc - followed by fragrances, coloring agents and flavor enhancers. This is the manufacturing process, which is no different than the embalming process of the undertaker. The 'viewing' takes place when you, the consumer, open the box and are heard to exclaim, "It looks just like itself. Hmm..mm good." The differnce is that the pretty picture on the package, the health claims made, the slick advertising, the color scheme and the general lack of knowledge of the conusmer all conspire to make the consumer incapabale of realizing that this 'food' is dead, and shouldn't be taken home, but should be left just where it is - in the box.

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