17 July 2010

DNA Repair and Love Frequency- 528Hz (music video)

Is there a frequency that can be played in music that actually heals the soul of a person and opens up the heart to give love and receive love? Is there a healing frequency in music that can heal the body and calm the mind? If so what is it? Can music renew us and make us whole?
Here is a sample of how it might sound and a beautiful essay by Dr Len Horowitz.

Playing Man’s Music vs. God’s (excerpt from Dr Leonard Horowitz essay) The fact is, humanity is starving spiritually from lacking nature’s harmony—the Creator’s music. Sadly for humanity and civilization’s sustainability, religious leaders hid and later altered the sacred original musical scale. As a result, the current music you hear everywhere is not spiritually uplifting optimally. It is dissonantly degrading naturally because it is man’s manipulation of God’s pure perfection expressed throughout nature musically. Turn on the radio and Western music is what you get—a dissonant impersonation of "the real thing." This manipulation was originally done to deprive the masses of their full free spirituality. By distorting the Creator's music—the ancient Solfeggio scale—religious inductees were spiritually-disempowered and seduced into blindly accepting pagan religious doctrines. In other words, the modern musical tuning with "A" equal to 440 Hertz is a planned distortion and political deprivation of Divine intention to freely and naturally administer spiritual sustenance to humanity. Today's music is disharmoniously destructive to developing spirituality and healthy physicality. Besides cutting civilization off from living synchronously with the musical-mathematics of Divinity, modern musical and electromagnetic vibrations conflict with natural energies that balance body charkas or energy centers vital to health. This is fundamental to Oriental medicine, natural healing and longevity. Besides being energetically destabilizing, modern music is genetically mutating, hormonally stressing, mentally exhausting, emotionally disturbing, and physically debilitating! (Beam us up Scotty, there’s no intelligent life on this planet. . . .) You can easily understand this problem by recalling your annoyance over simultaneously engaging two people speaking to you at once, or two competing sources of sound. Recall the last time a neighboring driver blasted his radio while you were trying to listen to your favored music. Was this unnerving? Similarly, nature is sustained by one set of frequencies. I call these nine tones the Perfect Circle of Sound™, and “A”=440Hz is not one of them. So Western musicians who tune to “A”=440Hz play a vibrational set that competes with nature. Consider the stress this causes humanity. Sensitive people feel it. Most feel something is not quite right about today’s music, but they are not quite sure what is missing or broken. The vast majority of people neglect this urgent problem despite its mounting toll. Perhaps if musicians retuned to the Creator's musical scale they would smile more and grimace less, I considered. The Benefits of Re-tuning Imagine the benefit and blessing popular musicians and vocalists might render if they simply retuned their instruments to the sacred sounds of nature. Rather than "A" tuned to 440Hz, try the ancient Solfeggio's 417Hz; or "C" tuning at 528Hz. This note lies near the center of the color green on the electromagnetic color scale. It balances and opens your heart (chakra or energy center). This is also the miraculous LOVE vibration used to play in the key of life, which I believe is the “key to the house of David” referred to in the Bible. The Creator's "C" scale mends broken hearts, physiologically facilitates deeper breathing, and according to expert geneticists, sonically (i.e, vibrationally) repairs damaged DNA. So instead of singing the blues in “A” 440, we might sing the greens in “C” 528 and affect more people positively regarding LOVE, joy, and spirituality. That’s pretty much what a “Lead Guitarist for the Spiritual Renaissance,” Scott Huckabay, did in his concert album LIVE LOVE in 528. Scott noticed, as I did, a distinctly different vibration came from the 528 open tuning, than from other tunings. He set his strings to only three harmonic frequencies for this concert album: 528, 285, and 852. The resulting sound is very mellow and most people who are spiritually sensitive can feel their hearts opening, breath expanding, and oxygen intake increasing while listening to music played in this tuning. Alternatively, Scott’s Walk on Water tracks were done in open tuning to the harmonics of 396, 639, and 963 Hz. This sounded far more “angelic” than the 528 tuning, and far more relaxing than the 417, 741, and 174 tuning ideal for rock-n-roll. Given these revelations, we stand on the threshold of revolutionizing the entire music industry. The discovery of Perfect Circle of Sound™ is historically and therapeutically significant. It may be able to cure what ails us as a civilization seemingly bent on destruction. The potential for blessing humanity in this way is far more appealing than any previous technology or concert has been able to secure. The fact is, the last time a circle made such a difference in the world was with the invention of the wheel. If you desire to retune a stringed instrument, such as a guitar, to the key of LOVE, click here. Otherwise, to learn more, click “ Next ” below.


Valerie said...

The music and video are lovely, but I notice a strong pressure in my head, pushing out against the inside of my skull, as I listen.

Is this a normal reaction?

Thank you,

Jenni lee said...


Sounds to me like the music is working. You are opening up your crown chakra, which allows us to spiritually reconnect. The more you experience this "awakening", the more sensitive you may become to these energies. It is perfectly normal. You may also feel a tingling sensation on your scalp, or a rush of energy that begins from your crown and flows downward into your body. Do not be alarmed. These are all great things :) Love and light

Anonymous said...

I have a 3 month old puppy that was very curious about the sound emanating from my speakers before I could plug my headphones in.

She kept cocking her head from side to side, listening and her ears were twitching. She's never cared before when I play iTunes randomly.

Also, the back of my jawbone aches while I listen to this. Almost at the exact same location where your jaw aches when you eat a really sour piece of candy, like a lemon drop or sour patch. Thoughts?

Thank you!