02 May 2010


As salaam alaikum
Dear Brother John
Thank you very much for your question concerning the water we should drink. While water is essential to life and we must have it, yet there is a tremendous amount of confusion, fear and anxiety on the subject. That is because of the corruption of the world in which we live that seeks to take advantage of a natural human need. They are the generators of the fear and confusion in order to push up sales. They, the corrupt ones, want to put a price on water so that they can wax rich from this natural human need and right. Good clean water is a human right and it should be available to all with no price attached.
God sends water down from the sky in the form of rain and up from the earth in the form of spring water - free of charge. These are the best sources of water and they should be kept free. Anybody with a rain barrel can collect pure rain water at no charge. Most people who own a farm or other valuable property have a spring or a well available to them. The rest of us are vulnerable to the schemers who seek to commercialize on our need.
Most people in the world do not have access to clean pure water. They drink directly from rivers and lakes and other sources that may not be pure. Sometimes they spend many hours of the day collecting water. Their health suffers as a result. The lack of clean water is a human rights violation and should be corrected.
In our part of the world, the so-called developed world, we have the full commercialization of water. Many of us have become water connoisseurs. We know and recognize the individual tastes of fine waters from all over the world. There is nothing wrong with this if you can afford it and enjoy it. But to think that water of a particular type or brand is better than other water is a fact yet to be proven to be a fact. Most often the claims made about a particular type of water are just that - claims. Claims that have an economic motive behind them.
Corrupt politicians, in the name of privatization and global free trade, have been turning control over water supplies over to private businesses. These private interests are doing what corporations are created to do - earn a profit. So if you don't have the money, you can't get a drink of water! How tragic! The most basic common show of human hospitality is to offer a drink of water to the thirsty. Now that basic level civilizing human characteristic is being threatened by market forces that have made water a commodity - rather than a product of Nature and a Universal right. An excellent way to jump-start the global economy would be to launch massive infra-structure projects throughout the world to see to it that every human being on earth has access to sufficient clean water to drink, bathe in and for agricultural and other uses.
Near the top of the economic opportunity pyramid for water is the expensive technology to alter the pH of water. Lately, there has been a lot of claims made for higher pH as being better for health. Alkaline is good, acid is bad - so goes the mantra. Except, the facts of the human body do not agree. If the claims about alkaline water were true, and you actually could alter the pH of the body in a significant way, then such water would be deadly. In the human body, life processes are only possible with in a narrow range of pH, hovering around 7.4. Even the slightest deviation from 7.4 in either direction can have deadly consequences. Acidosis and Alkalosis both produce disease. But luckily, the body has awesome ability to maintain a normal pH, and won't allow an alteration. Changes in pH of body fluids such as urine and saliva are just evidence that the body's ability to buffer itself is intact. Otherwise life would be impossible.
Some body tissues are acidic by virtue of their function. How could the stomach digest and sterilize food unless its pH is down around 1.0 - a very strong acid? What benefit would it be to change that? Bile that gets mixed into the food stream later on may have a pH up to 9.0, as the body is now neutralizing the previously acidified intestinal contents. This is an elegantly balanced system that should not be altered. To alter it is to create possible pathological conditions in the body.
Many painful arthritic conditions are due to hyper-alkalinity in the wrong place leading to calcium deposits that cause pain. So, my advise is to allow the body to care for itself in a natural way. The intelligence that governs the body is greater then that of our poorly educated brains.
So, just get some good clean water, filter it if need be, or boil it and drink it, but not too much, only the right amount. Depending on one's diet, you will need a certain amount of water to produce the digestive juices to digest your food. Keep an eye on the color of your urine. Let it be a light yellow. If it is deep dark yellow, that is a sure sign you are dehydrated. There are other more subtle signs of dehydration. Any time you feel less than well, drink some water. You will be surprised how often that will correct the problem.
Don't fall for the commercial hype about vitamin water, smart water, etc. These are highly refined water products that may be dangerous. Clustered water is available in raw milk - 89%.
Because most people in America eat food devoid of minerals, they probably would do well to avoid distilled water or rain water. Of course they should remedy their diet and they should be using liberal amounts of Celtic Sea Salt that will provide more than 92 different minerals the body and brain need in order to function well. Mineral spring water may contain some of these minerals, as does 'hard water'. Don't buy devices that soften water. Milk drinkers and those who fast - one meal a day- do not need so much water.
Once again thank you for your very important question. I am going to share your question and answer with others.
As salaam alaikum
Bro Alim

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