27 May 2010

Read More, Earn More

Here is a short piece that throws light on the very first revelation of the Qur'an: " READ!" It shows the relationship between reading and income. The more one reads, the more one earns! The highest earners read the most books. Is that why Master Fard Muhammad, Who promised us Money, Good Homes and Friendship in all walks of life, set up a reading class in the mosque back in the thirties? Is it because an illiterate person can not become a good earner? Is that why the only portrait we have of Him is of Him reading a book? Is that why He said, "Everything you need to know is written down in a book"?
Something to think about, especially with declining literacy rates among our people. In many cases, even those who technically can read, don't read or don't read well.
Maybe literacy is the first thing we need to check on before we try to get started with other things.
Enjoy. Learn. Share.

(Wow! It just hit me...
What about all the people who can't enjoy my blog because they are not readers? They don't like the inter net because they don't read well!)

Subject: How can READING increase your income?

I just came across these powerful & interesting statistics about reading and an offer that you MUST take advantage of from the sales expert, Grant Cardone.

Did you know that a recent study revealed the following statistics regarding “reading” and its direct correlation to personal income and success?

Ø 45.1% of adults did NOT read one book all year
Ø Only 12% read at least one book per month
Ø 4% read at least one book per week - these are your top income earners!

Did you know that the average CEO reads 5 books per month – 60 books per year and the average American worker reads less than one book per year? In 2008, the average CEO earned 319 times more than the average worker….that didn’t happen by accident…...leaders are readers! If you’re not reading, you’re losing money!

What’s also interesting about the study is that the fact that the two wealthiest men in World, Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, spend hours every day reading. Bill Gates admitted to reading 30 books on a recent vacation! Warren Buffett says he spends the majority of his day reading.

That same study also included data that proved the most influential people in the world ranked their number one hobby and interest as reading, which ranked far above music, travel and exercise.

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