28 October 2009

Life Abundantly-The Start of Something Big!

Welcome to Life Abundantly blog!

Life Abundantly is your source of everything pertinent to achieving full life potential!

Yes, it is about 'health' in the narrow sense and will deal with wellness issues, disease, diet and all the rest. But it will also deal with life in all its dimensions- those inward dimensions of thought, spirit, emotion, beauty and all things good.
And the outward dimensions that start with the individual self (body and mind), the family, the community or society, the nation to which we belong, the world that gave us birth and a home, and ultimately the universe that we inhabit.

We beleive that life in all its dimensions is as big and as deep and as broad as the universe and that we all share responsibility to act in the direction of survival and the expansion of life everywhere.
This blog is dedicated to life everywhere and is being produced in full worshipful submission to the Lord of Life, Who is Everliving and Eternal!


Jeffrey B. Muhammad said...

Dr. Alim, the information you are providing to us ALL, will prove to be one of the greatest services that the world has ever been afforded. This "great burst of knowledge" coming to us at such a fast pace, is indication that the time is at hand, and we must wake up and live! Thank you for all your time and sacrifice.

Alim said...

As salaam alaikum
Dear Bro Jeffrey
In our lessons we read of a lion in a cage who increased his pace 50 fold with the use of 'modern equipment' from 60 feet per minute to 3000 feet per minute. We have to look at what '50 times faster' means in terms of our speed of activity and communications. So I'm trying to go 50 times faster, Brother.