28 October 2009

The Journey of Life

Life begins as a journey and remains so forever. Whether we mean the individual life that each of us is, or whether we mean life in totality- life is in motion, on a journey, going somewhere.

"The race is not to the swift nor the strong, but to those who endure..."

This Bible verse teaches us that in order to 'win' at the game of life, we must endure, which is to say, survive. Some of what life has to offer us can not be recieved right away, in the beginning. Most of what life has to offer comes later, after a period of development and growth from one stage to another until we reach a kind of perfection. But, beyond that, there are other stages of perfection, and this goes on endlessly. Life in its totality is in the process of perfecting and extending itself throughout the Universe!

The goal of life as individual people is to live long enough and well enough that one is able to attain to and achieve most if not all of what life has to offer. The full realization of human potential is what this blog is all about and is also the mission of its sponsoring institution
The Abundant Life Health Attainment Center.

Abundant Life is located in the Mitchellville Plaza in Mitcellville, Md just outside of Washington DC. Abundant Life exists to make life's full potential a real possibility for everyone through the use of targeted personalized nutrition and other therapies. We are located at:
12164 Cental Avenue, Suite 227A
240-245 4147

You've already begun life's journey. We are here to help you continue until you reach your destination and the fulfillment of your life's purpose. Then you can die. But before then, you and I have to keep living, until we have done what we are created by the Creator to do.
We are your partners in your quest for better, more abundant life. We want you to be associated with us and what we do because we know that we have some of what is necessary for every one to enjoy a better life.
You are invited to join with us on what ever level seems right to you. Come see us at the Center or visit our web site to do the Symptom Survey. The Symptom Survey is our long-distance way of relating to people who are looking for help with health related problems.
Answer the questions that pertain to you, submit it, and we will get back to you right away with a health report and recommendations. We would love for you to come see us here in Mitchellville, but if that is not possible do the the Symptom Survey.
Here's the web address for the Symptom Survey:
Don't delay. Do it today!

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