06 August 2013

URGENT: How Chemtrails Make Humans into Robots! (video)

For 13 years I've wondered, What is the purpose of chemtrails? Now it is all made clear. The following video reveals the true purpose for chemtrails and it will not be pleasing to you. 
You will discover that the science behind chemtrails is the science of synthetic biology  and that it is being used 
to create a new type of artificial life on this planet. 
This is not a proposed plan coming up for a vote. 
This plan is already well under way and it directly effects you because you have already breathed in the "magic dust" 
that comprises chemtrails. 
It has already transformed your genetics, chemistry, biology and inserted into your body a controllable artificial intelligence network complete with crystalline transistors and wired circuits, not to mention alien human-like nano-sized robotic red blood cells. 
Without your consent or knowledge, 
you and I have been made into trans-human robots
If it sounds too fantastic to be true, it's only because you don't know the facts. While it may not be pleasant learning, it is essential that you know what is really going on. Perhaps there is something that can be done about it. We'll see.

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