08 October 2012

Join the Army! Help Defeat GMO's

Millions of Little Davids to Slay GMO Goliath! 
Join up now!
Now you can do more than complain about GMO foods- you can help deal the death blow to Monsanto and the rest of the criminals who threaten all Life on Planet Earth!

Join the Non-GMO Click and Send Revolutionary Army

We’re looking to assemble a huge Non-GMO Click and Send Revolutionary Army. If you enlist, your job is simple. Several times a week until the election we will send you an email/post. Immediately pass it on, post it, tweet it, watch the clip, download the podcast, keep the message circulating in all the social media ways you know how.
Join the Non-GMO Click and Send Revolutionary Army 
Have questions about the Non-GMO Click and Send Revolutionary Army? Please join our group on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Nongmoarmy

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